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Old School RuneScape Top 10 Edition AFK Gold-Making Guides

The world of Old School RuneScape to present a comprehensive guide on AFK (Away From Keyboard) OSRS Gold making methods. With a mixture of skilling and combat, these methods are perfect for those who desire a more relaxed gaming experience without compromising on profits.


Brutal Black Dragons

Estimated profit: 1.2 million GP/hr.

Spend an hour hunting these beasts with a Dragon Hunter crossbow and amethyst broad bolts. They're renowned for hard and elite clue scrolls, plus a plethora of Rune and dragon drops.


Rune Dragons

Estimated profit: 1.5 million GP/hr.

These require completion of Dragon Slayer 2 and offer a chance for solid profits. Equip a Dragon Hunter Lance for optimum results. 


Skeletal Wyverns

Estimated profit: 900K GP/hr.

With a recommended 72 Slayer level, wielding a Dragon Hunter Lance and a dragon fire shield will yield optimal results.


Vampyre Sentinels

Estimated profit: 400K GP/hr (without Blood Shard).

Upon completing Sins of the Father, players can target these foes for their valuable blood shards.



Estimated profit: 800K GP/hr.

With their consistent drops and reasonable combat intensity, gargoyles offer a balance of AFKability and profit.


Abyssal Demons

Estimated profit: 100K GP/hr.

These demons provide a chance at the coveted Abyssal Whip drop. Utilize a Venom Bow to maximize kills.


Ancient Wyverns

Estimated profit: 1.3 million GP/hr.

These creatures provide an array of valuable drops. A Dragon Hunter Lance is recommended.



Estimated profit: 800K GP/hr.

Situated in the Slayer Tower, these foes drop a mix of runes and valuable gear.


Fishing Anglerfish

Estimated profit: 160K GP/hr at 84 Fishing.

An alternative for skillers, anglerfish provide a steady income.


Chopping Magic Trees

Estimated profit: 140K GP/hr at 99 Woodcutting.

Another option for skillers, magic trees offer a chance at the Beaver pet and consistent logs.



From brutal dragons to peaceful fishing spots, Old School RuneScape offers a myriad of AFK Gold-making methods suitable for both combatants and skillers. Whether you're looking to optimize profits on an alt account or just enjoy a more relaxed gaming experience on your main, there's an AFK method tailored for you. Safe travels, and may your coin pouch always be heavy!

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