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  • NA Region: 30 Yangzhou Prefecture
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 20K
  • 40K
  • 60K
  • 80K
  • 100K
  • 120K

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11 Apr
5 / 5

So glad I decided to try LOLTANK's Coins service for Myth of Empires. It's fantastic.

10 Apr
5 / 5

I am extremely pleased with the Coins service provided for MoE on LOLTANK. It is top-notch.

07 Apr
5 / 5

Enjoyable experience, but LOLTANK could use more variety.

05 Apr
2 / 5

Displeased with the Myth of Empires Coins. It's flimsy and doesn't work as advertised. Shipping was slow too.

04 Apr
5 / 5

Outstanding service! The game Myth of Empires I bought at LOLTANK was delivered promptly, and it works flawlessly. Highly recommended!

02 Apr
5 / 5

Enjoying my MoE Coins purchase. Great gameplay, but occasional bugs need fixing.

What is Myth of Empires?

The massive multiplayer online game developed by Angela Game and published by Imperium Interactive Entertainment has been causing a storm since it first hit Early Access in November 2021. Gearing up for this high-freedom war game, players are invited to survive, craft and conquer to build their own empire.


This game is all about survival, making fortresses, attacking cities and defending them, It's a team effort to make goals possible.


Myth of Empires promises a rich PVE/PVP experience where your strategic prowess will see you rise to the top. With the official launch date set for Feb. 21 2024, sharpen your blades and ready your wits – because empire-building awaits!

What is Myth of Empires Coins?

Copper Coins have a great need in Myth of Empires. Lifeblood of all things commerce and survival, these shiny little life savers will be used to pay taxes, hire protection, invest in Blessings, and more. You’ll find yourself needing a hefty amount of them whether you want to get on the Empire's good side or just keep your structures from falling apart.


Myth of Empires Copper Coins Using

Myth of Empires Coins are more than useless metal discs. They serve a greater purpose:

  1. Prevent Building Decay: Use copper coins to pay Imperial Donations and keep your hard-earned structures around longer.
  2. Tax Payments: The next time you complain about taxes, remember that settling them often keeps the peace and safety in your domain.
  3. Blessings and Buffs: Get divine favor or boost abilities with purchasable enhancements.
  4. Guild Growth: Invest in skills to strengthen your guild as a whole.
  5. Skill Mastery: Take your character's skills beyond 450 to become unstoppable.
  6. Construction and Upgrades: Whether it's a guild hall or fortress, construct or upgrade it with copper coins.

Just remember: These shiny tokens are more than currency — they're the key to empire-building in Myth of Empires.


Myth of Empires Coins Farming 101: Where To Start?

A task far less daunting as it sounds! Farming MoE Copper Coins can be done by taking candy from a low-level bandit—yes literally. We'll help you find a good starting point and get you on your way:

  • Scout Low-Level Areas: Open up that world map and look for areas where the enemies don't put up much of a fight.
  • Riverbanks and Fortifications: Bandits here are basically waiting for someone like you to come along.
  • Tiny Huts and Settlements: A gold mine for copper coins is an understatement when talking about small bandit encampments. Find them, defeat them, profit.


Copper Coins Farming: The Low-Level Advantage

Why start at such low-level areas? Let me break it down for you:

  • Weak enemies go down quicker
  • Less time spent per enemy gives time to farm more in the same timeframe
  • Lower-level areas are generally safer than high-level ones, reducing the risk of losing what was hard-earned


Your Path To Wealth Is Bandit Bashing

Bandits are like walking piggy banks but they hate holding onto their copper coins. By targeting small bandit villages players can expect around 75 coins per defeated adversary. The number is impressive with around 30 to 40 bandits per settlement.


Note: On PvE servers, the coins drop is standard. However, on PvP servers, double the MoE copper coins drop!


Here's what should be remembered before going on your copper coins farming adventure in Myth of Empires:

  • PvE Peace of Mind: It's a safer, more peaceful way of playing. Start your farm and if you die, all you have to do is go back to the minor inconvenience of raiding.
  • PvP Peril: Always be on edge. The loot might be good, but the thieves are always watching.
  • Weapon Mastery Matters: The better you use your weapon, the better your chances of making more money.
  • Diversify Your Portfolio: Don't just collect copper ! Collect other things too so that when it's time to sell them all… well... that's it.
  • As you farm, keep an eye out for treasure maps, chest keys, and skill recipes that drop.

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