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How can new players level up quickly in Myth of Empires?

If you've just entered this expansive sandbox environment and are eager to see your title go from rookie to wrecking machine (in the shortest amount of time possible), You're in the right place. This guide is packed with tips to help increase your power levels. It'll teach you everything from being a loyal gold farmer at lvl 1-16 all the way down to being an agent of chaos at lvl 25+ — So grab some potions and let's jump in!


How can new players level up quickly in Myth of Empires?


Leveling Up Like a Pro

We can't stress it enough: leveling up quickly is your ticket into almost every good thing that'll come your way in this game. Whether it's completing quests, crafting, gathering resources or hunting anything that moves; XP is what fuels growth and progress here. keep an eye out for that top-left corner on your screen!

Myth of Empires Character Grade

That's where your character's current level lives and breathes. To always stay aware of how much farther until the next rank-up though, open up the character window and track it with the golden bar.


The Ascent from Level 1 - 16

Even if most games have their own methods on how they choose to do so nowadays; there's no denying that quests still serve as one of the best ways for new gamers like yourself, to get familiar with any game world while also gaining substantial amounts of MoE Coins copper and experience points (XP). Here's how to make the most out of those early quests:

  • Complete Every Quest: You're not here just to finish a task or two and go home right? Focus on completing as many quests as possible — The amount of XP you get from turning them all in will put enough fuel in your engine to fly through these early levels.
  • Learning Curve: As you complete quest after quest, you'll notice that there are also things that the game never really took the time to explain to you… Like gathering resources or crafting certain items. Well now they will! So think of each task as one step closer to becoming an expert at this game.
  • Resource Accumulation: Money makes the world go round and in this case, it'll make your journey through Myth of Empires a lot smoother too. Whenever you're awarded copper for a completed quest, do not take it for granted. Use any opportunity available to put some more of that precious stuff into your pockets.


From Level 16 - 25

If you've been religiously following our guide so far and successfully reached level 16; then congrats! You've managed to pass what many would consider "the tutorial" phase in record time. Now it's time for the main course, where the real power leveling begins.

  • Join PvP Server: If you haven't already done so, switch over to any PvP server for instant access to bonus resources (and therefore XP).
  • Embrace Power Hours: Every hour is a happy hour when buffed with XP gains. Visit your guild’s boundary marker whenever possible and grab every buff available — They come in different sizes and price tags so choose wisely!
  • Gather Resources (with buffs): With all buffs active, gather everything that can be taken or cut down: Stone, iron, copper, wood, grass — You name it!
  • Queue Up Quests: Dailies and main story quests are the only ones worth saving up. Avoid completing them until you've reached your power hour, then turn them in for a massive boost of XP.


Level 25 and Beyond

If you thought things were already chaotic before… Brace yourself. Starting now, once the big 25 is yours to claim; every minute of your power hour will have to be treated as sacred time. Your new best friend also becomes crafting (mainly resources). This process will provide consistent amounts of XP. Here's how to get through it as efficiently as possible:

  • Daily Preparation: Throughout your gaming day, gather any material that can be taken from this world and complete all daily quests available — When it's finally time for your power hour to begin, you’ll be happy knowing that all that hard work won't go to waste.
  • Smart Crafting: Once the clock strikes whichever specific time your power hour starts at; start crafting whatever items take the longest to make (the more powerful they are, the better). Trust us when we say: It wouldn't make sense spending one full hour on a short item… Big crafts only!
  • Use Workbenches: For a fat XP boost, use your workbenches as items finish crafting. Time it right and it'll be up to 10x the normal XP!


Tips and Tricks 

Myth of Empires is a live game. Strategies that work today may not work tomorrow. Stay informed and adapt! Here are some final tips:

  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on game updates that may affect leveling strategies.
  • Bench Multipliers: Even outside of power hours, using workbenches correctly is still a significant XP multiplier.
  • Community Wisdom: Engage with other players in the comments or forums for shared tips & tricks.


Thanks for joining me on this power leveling journey through Myth of Empires. If you have other insights or questions, please contribute to the community discussion below. Also consider subscribing for more Myth of Empires content and strategies.

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