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22 Jun
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20 Jun
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I'm all praises for the Albion Silver from LOLTANK. It's a must-have for everyone. Quality is top-notch!

18 Jun
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Top-notch Albion service on LOLTANK, amazing.

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My experience with Albion Silver was average. It did the job, but customer support could have been more helpful and responsive.

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The quality of service for Albion at LOLTANK is amazing.

15 Jun
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Met the mark on the basics, but I was left waiting for that encore to truly impress.

What is Albion?

While you start your journey in Albion Online, remember these ideas. It is a game that is different from others, but several issues need to be borne in mind: pay-to-win aspects, multilingualism, advertisement techniques employed, the fight against cheaters and whether it still has any reality in pvp system. In order to enjoy Albion online, it is important for you as a player to establish a fine line that meets your play style along with what you want from the game.

What is Albion Online Silver?

In the game of Albion Online, players can use real money to purchase gold, which can be converted to in-game silver. Purchasing powerful equipment and levelling up using such silver may give you a good advantage in gameplay. Players need to understand that this system is essential because it affects game dynamics and how players interact.


How to Make Albion Online Silver?

There is a way for you to earn money regardless of whether you are into crafting, trading, dungeon diving or faction activities. You should always remember that when one source of income fails there will be other sources of income remaining.


Crafting: A Great Way to Start

When it comes to Albion, crafting is both fun and lucrative. Take the tutorial first before trying your hand at some basic crafting skills. For example, if you are a fire staff mage, craft items that match this kind of playstyle. Initially crafting takes time and resources; however, the returns are very significant. When crafting high-tier items, Focus points (which are part of premium) can be used to retrieve some materials hence making it efficient for use. Also it's worth mentioning about consuming salads in order to increase your movement speed and improve item quality.


Investing Profit

Rare items and skins can make you rich if invested in properly. Buy limited edition items or skins on low price and sell them later with profit. This requires patience with little effort needed on your part. Keep an eye out for undervalued goods on the market with lower prices than their true value for long-term gains.


Dungeon Diving: Corrupted Dungeons & Hell Gates 2v2

For those who love PvP battles in Albion Online, Corrupted Dungeons and 2v2 Hell Gates will become a treasure hunt opportunity for getting wealthy quickly! You may go ratting mode (PvE focus avoiding PVP) or get involved into PvP while looting defeated players. First, you need to start with safer ratting in order to have some initial wealth that will be accumulated. With time and better gear, one can move to PVP when they feel comfortable enough.


Black Market and Flipping Items

The marketplace is the best place for smart traders. You buy items at a lower price and sell them higher. Pay attention to differences in prices between enchantments levels and item tiers. Use this opportunity by buying from the regular market and selling on the black market for profit. Always take time to compare prices across different cities before making any deal for the best experience.


Hardcore Expeditions

When five individuals participate in PVE activities then they can earn silver through hardcore expeditions. Call up your friends via Albion's discord or ingame chat, put on some high score items and rush these dungeons as fast as you can. No interactions with other players therefore you can grind silver and fame at the same time.


Faction Transporting: Smuggling Art

Faction transporting involves buying City Heart Fragment resources and delivering them to a designated location. When you have joined a faction, achieved enough points, and started your trade missions. It is simple; it allows for a mix of PvE as well as potential PvP depending on your route.


Refining For Profit

Also refining raw materials is something that makes good money in the game. Go to Albion 2D or any similar calculator website where you can find out what refined and raw materials cost now. One case is when buying wood costs 212 silver per unit but you are able to sell refined planks at 467 silver apiece. In this case, remember that refining tax is 330 silvers for one item while return rate without Focus equals 36.7%. So if we talk about tier four wood today it is profitable by all means; give it a try.


Income Diversification

Do not only focus on one method. To maximize income combine market flipping, refining, crafting and transportation. It makes little sense to concentrate all efforts on a single method if the market conditions change.


Other Things

However there are alternative ways of earning silver such as ganking and gathering which could be lucrative but usually not so much silver per hour like aforementioned methods though they still the best options when you dislike the play style of above mentioned strategies.

About LOLTANK Albion Online Silver

Why You Should Buy Albion Online Silver from LOLTANK

Having enough Albion Online Silver is important in enhancing your gaming experience. Our team is dedicated to making your time on Albion Online more fun by providing you with a safe, honest and efficient service.


Speedy Delivery

In the world of Albion Online time is an essential aspect. This is why we at LOLTANK ensure quick delivery of Albion Online Silver. Our system is efficient and most of the time transactions are done within 5-30 minutes after payment confirmation.


Excellent Reputation

Trust is what we value most. LOLTANK has been able to earn this reputation through consistently offering reliable services in the MMO currency trade. With many years as well as numerous positive player reviews that reflect secure and genuine deals, we are a living proof for many people. We also meet players in-game to prove they have taken part in purchasing.


Fair Prices

Competitive prices are important. Despite trying to keep our rates down, our primary objective remains providing accountable services only. In case you buy while we are restocking and hence according to market prices drop, your albion silver amount will be increased accordingly minus any additional costs even if market prices go up.


Secure Delivery

Our guiding principle during delivery is discretion. We maintain confidentiality at this juncture so as to have a secure transaction, which looks just like any other regular in-game trade process. In Albion online we guarantee your safety.


Refund Guarantee

Gaming plans like everything else in life can change at any time without notice. For instance, if you’re not satisfied with what you have purchased or decided differently when the deal was already struck then LOLTANK offers a hassle-free return policy. We aim at offering flexibility while ensuring peace of mind for all our clients

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