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Good selection of FFXI Gil.

What is FFXI?

Final Fantasy XI has been released for almost 21 years now as an open-world MMORPG and it still gets updated! Beginning as a simple adventurer and becoming an epic hero. The amount of content in the game is amazing.

What is FFXI Gil?

Gil, in Final Fantasy XI, is the in-game currency used for buying items such as weapons, consumables, and lodging. You can obtain the Gil by finishing missions, killing monsters, vending items or engaging in other related activities.


How to Make FFXI Gil?

Until level 99, players have several different ways with some requiring completion of specific missions or quests.


Using sparks

Complete Records of Eminence quests found throughout any of the main cities to earn up to 100,000 Sparks per week. These can be exchanged at certain NPCs for up to one million Gil each week. Once you hit level 10 you will also receive Accolades from the Unity NPC.


Prize Powder and a Gobby Dial

Go through goblin chests scattered across various zones every day once your account is 45 days old. Get Gobby Dow Key and Prize Powder with them. The Lotto Goblin wheel may net you millions of Gil.Take keys as well as rare items for more points.


Chocobo Diggin

Utilize Chocobo license and mount to dig for rarities. Black Chocobo bodies along with Heavy Metal Plates are expensive.


Craft, Gathering, and Auction House Bazaars

Gil can be earned by making items that are sold on the auction house. Buying low and selling high at auction house bazaars is one of the best ways to score Gil.Pickaxes,hatchets,and scythes which are among great foraging tools.


Mog Garden and Monster Rearing

Visit Mog Garden if you don't have enough Gil in Seekers of Aduolin.Sow seeds,fertilize them,and produce monsters so that you could get rare and valuable items.



Once you have completed Shadow Lord, you will be able to enter Dynamis. Fight monsters and get Beastmen's Seals to sell on the auction house.


Why You Should Buy FFXI Gil from LOLTANK?

Having enough Gil is essential for unlocking the full potential of adventurers in the world of Final Fantasy XI. At LOLTANK, we can provide you with unlimited resources.


Genuine Gil, Genuine Gameplay

We only use real players to farm our Gil, making it a reliable source for your in-game currency needs.


Rapid Delivery for Uninterrupted Adventures

Time is important in your gaming experience. That's why we deliver within 5-30 minutes after payment confirmation, ensuring a continuous adventure.


A Reputation of Reliability

There is abundance of good feedback about us among Final Fantasy XI players. Having dealt with MMO currency sales for 10 years, we are legitimate and trustworthy. To fulfill this promise, we have in-game meet-ups and live chat proof of your purchase of Gil.


Fair Prices, Fair Play

We could never be the cheapest; however, what our prices show is that they reflect trustful transactions. In case wishes immediately drop out after you make an order and while waiting on it flow down again we will regulate everything for you without any extra charges.


Secure and Private Transactions

When we deliver our products to you, we guarantee that your security and privacy are given the highest priority. Our in-game interactions are secret so as to preserve your order details as a secret. We have a fair trade window exchange for secure trading.


Hassle-Free Refund Policy

Sometimes, plans change; sometimes it happens. It's easy to refund – if you want a refund before we have delivered the Gil, it is yours with no hassle at all.

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