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What is FFXI?

Final Fantasy XI, an open-world MMORPG that has been thriving for nearly 21 years, continues to receive updates and captivate players. With its rich content, engaging storytelling, challenging gameplay, and unique features, Final Fantasy XI remains a worthwhile investment of both time and money. In this guide, we will explore the game's highlights, delve into its mechanics, discuss its pros and cons, and help you make an informed decision about entering this expansive online world.


Vast Amount of Content:

Final Fantasy XI boasts an astounding amount of content accumulated over its two decades of existence. From main story quests and 11 DLCs to dungeons, battles, time travel, artifact weapons, and armor, the game offers a multitude of activities to keep players engaged. Additionally, there are crafting and gathering jobs, providing even more avenues for exploration and progression.


Immersive Storytelling:

One of the game's strengths lies in its ability to weave compelling narratives and develop memorable characters. The wealth of content allows for the creation of intricate storylines that players can uncover and immerse themselves in. The epic scale of the game's storytelling adds depth and meaning to the adventures players embark on.


Minimal Hand-Holding:

Unlike many modern MMOs, Final Fantasy XI adopts a hands-off approach when it comes to guiding players. The brief tutorial offers basic information, leaving players to discover and explore the world on their own. While this lack of hand-holding adds to the game's immersion, it can sometimes result in challenging moments where consulting external resources, such as wikis, becomes necessary.


Expansive Open World:

The game's open-world environment is a joy to explore. Its vast zones, filled with abandoned mines, ruined cities, and notorious monsters, offer players a sense of wonder and discovery. Notorious monsters (NMs) pose a significant challenge, often exceeding the level of regular monsters in the area. Engaging with these formidable foes can yield rare and valuable loot.

What is FFXI Gil?

Final Fantasy XI Gil is the in-game currency, just like other games in the Final Fantasy series. Gil is used to purchase various items, equipment, and services within the game world. It allows players to upgrade their weapons, buy consumables, pay for accommodations, and more. Gil can be earned through various means, including completing quests, defeating enemies, selling items, and participating in in-game activities.


How to Making FFXI GIL?

These methods can be utilized by players below level 99, and some may require completion of certain missions or quests. From simple tricks to more advanced strategies, we will cover everything you need to know to start accumulating gil in the game. Let's dive into the world of FFXI and discover the first method: Sparks.

Method 1: Sparks
To begin, head to one of the main three cities and access your quests. Look for the "Records of Eminence" option, which will lead you to an NPC. Upon completing a few quests, you will receive a creepy doll that tracks your requests and rewards you with sparks. Sparks are a valuable currency used for various purposes in the game. You can accumulate sparks up to nearly 100,000 per week and spend them at specific NPCs in each city. This method alone can yield up to 1 million gil weekly. Additionally, once you reach around level 10, you can interact with the Unity NPC and spend accolades earned from completing quests.

Method 2: Prize Powder and Gobby Dial
Another way to earn gil is by utilizing accolades. With accolades, you can obtain the Gobby Dow Key or Prize Powder. Purchase accolades from NPCs and trade them for Prize Powder, which sells for a significant amount of gil. Additionally, once your account reaches 45 days, you can interact with the goblin chests found in various zones. The chests reward daily login points, and you can trade keys and rare items from Abyssia to accumulate more points. These points can be used to spin the "Lotto Goblin" wheel, potentially granting valuable items worth millions of gil.

Method 3: Chocobo Digging
If you have acquired a mount and a chocobo license, you can rent or use your own raised chocobo to go digging. By synergizing certain gear pieces, such as the Black Chocobo Body or Denim Pants, you can increase your chances of obtaining rare drops during chocobo digging. This method can be lucrative, especially if you focus on obtaining valuable items like Heavy Metal Plates, which can sell for millions of gil.

Method 4: Crafting, Gathering, and Auction House Bazaars
Crafting is another avenue to earn gil. By acquiring the necessary materials, skills, and crafting crystals, you can create items to sell on the Auction House. Crystals, such as Fire Crystals, can be sold for a decent amount of gil. Additionally, exploring auction house bazaars in lower Juno areas can provide opportunities to purchase items at lower prices and resell them for a profit. Gathering materials using pickaxes, hatchets, and scythes can also yield valuable items.

Method 5: Mog Garden and Monster Rearing
If you find yourself without gil, the Mog Garden in the Seekers of Adoulin area can be a lifesaver. Interact with shiny spots in your garden once a day to collect items that can be sold for gil. Additionally, by planting seeds, fertilizing them, and engaging in monster rearing, you can obtain rare items and valuable rewards.

Method 6: Dynamis
After completing the Shadow Lord mission, you gain access to Dynamis. Enter with Trust companions and defeat monsters to earn currency called Beastmen's Seals. These seals can be sold on the Auction House for a considerable amount of gil.

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