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Final Fantasy XI Obtaining Powerful Teleport-Holla Spell Guides

In this guide, we will embark on a quest to acquire the powerful Teleport-Holla spell in Final Fantasy XI. This magical ability allows you to quickly teleport to the bustling city of Holla. To begin our adventure, we need to head to Northern San d'Oria, where the quest commences at the Cathedral located at L7. Follow the steps below to obtain this invaluable teleportation spell.

Final Fantasy XI Obtaining Powerful Teleport-Holla Spell Guides


Raising Your San d'Oria Reputation

Before undertaking the Teleport-Holla quest, ensure that you have enough reputation with the nation of San d'Oria. If you cannot accept the quest from Epitor at the Cathedral, follow the link in the description to learn how to raise your San d'Oria reputation.


Preparing for the Quest

To increase your chances of success during the quest, it is recommended to have a few items handy. If your mages are not leveled, consider bringing a Warp Scroll to facilitate a quick exit if needed. Additionally, Silent Oil and Prism Powder will come in handy later on in the journey.


Journey to Gusgen Mines

Epitor will instruct you to travel to Gusgen Mines, which are located within the Constant Highlands. To find Gusgen Mines, head to the east side of the Constant Highlands at L7.


Sneaking through Gusgen Mines

Upon entering Gusgen Mines, use the Sneak and Invisible spells to navigate the area safely. The moths in the mines are not high-level enough to pose a threat yet, but it's better to be cautious. Proceed down the middle path until you encounter a room with multiple levers. Pull the middle lever.


Continued Progression

Move forward through the pathway, sticking to the left wall to avoid any unnecessary encounters. Drop Invisible before attempting to pull the left lever in the next room. Keep your sneak and invisible spells active as needed.


Reaching the Sealed Room

Soon, you'll approach a room with a conspicuous hole that we must descend into. Before entering, reapply your sneak and invisible spells to avoid getting turned around. Look for a mysterious triple question mark on the southwest corner of the room, near a tool shed.


Unsealing the Teleport-Holla

With Invisible dispelled, click on the triple question mark to initiate the process of unsealing the Teleport-Holla. Ensure that the prompt confirms that you placed the banishing seal successfully. Once done, you can use the spell to teleport out of the room.


Return to Northern San d'Oria

Now that you possess the powerful Teleport-Holla, it's time to return to the Cathedral in Northern San d'Oria. Speak with Epitor again to claim your quest reward.



Congratulations on successfully obtaining the Teleport-Holla spell! With this powerful ability at your disposal, you can now quickly access the bustling city of Holla whenever you desire. Happy teleporting, and may your adventures in Final Fantasy XI be filled with magic and excitement!

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