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Why Every Final Fantasy Fan Should Play FFXI 2024?

Final Fantasy XI (FF11) is one of those underappreciated games in the Final Fantasy series. At first glance it may seem like your typical MMORPG, but once you dive into its multiplayer layers you'll find a core that is truly Final Fantasy. This guide will take you on a journey through Vana'diel and explain why every fan of the original series should play it.


Why Every Final Fantasy Fan Should Play FFXI 2024?


A Narrative Masterpiece

The story in FF11 isn't just there to look pretty. It's what drives the game forward. If you played all the single player games and thought their stories were excellent, then prepare for over 250 hours of main story content spread across seven expansions, each with its own narrative arc, FF11 offers a depth of storytelling that rivals them all. With Rhapsodies of Vana'diel bringing everything together at the end. These emotional stories are one reason alone to experience this game.


Solo Adventurer's Haven

Don't believe anyone who tells you that you have to make a party to enjoy FF11's main story. Thanks to updates that introduced NPC party members and modernized travel options, it's doable without others. Teaming up with others might have its perks, but players who prefer to go on their own can still feel fully engaged as they immerse themselves in all these rich narratives.


Engaging and Strategic Gameplay

Being an older game doesn't mean FF11 has bad gameplay. In fact, its combat systems start slow but build up into strategic battles where abilities need to be carefully timed with job synergy. The 22 unique jobs allow players to find their sweet spot in this thinking battle.


A World Alive with Music

Nobuo Uematsu did not contribute as much here as he did for other games in the lineup, but his work on FF11 shouldn't be overlooked by any means — some would argue that this is some of his best stuff yet! Naoshi Mizuta's contributions wrap it up nicely and ensure that the world of FF11 sounds as good as it looks.


A Celebration of Final Fantasy Lore

You will find plenty of references in FF11 to earlier entries. Whether they're nostalgic nods to job systems or reimagined summons, the game never stops paying tribute to its roots. All these elements were seamlessly integrated into the new world and fans will love how well everything was done.


A Rich and Established World

You don't have to worry about constant changes when playing Voracious Resurgence. The content is stable enough for you to take your time, go at your own pace and fully explore this place that's called Vana'diel without feeling left behind.


Distinct from Final Fantasy XIV

It's not surprising that some people think FF11 and Final Fantasy XIV are the same thing. They are both MMORPGs under the same umbrella after all. But just because they share a name doesn't mean they share a soul. The old school charm held by FF11 and its focus on world engagement totally clashes with FFXIV's modern accessibility and dynamic combat. They each have their unique offerings, so one can be played without diminishing the other.


In conclusion, anyone who considers themselves a fan of Final Fantasy should play FF11. It's stories are emotional, its solo play options are excellent, gameplay is engaging yet strategic, its soundtrack is top tier, lore is kept alive throughout and as mentioned prior — it offers an experience like no other before it. Sure it has quirks and complexities but those are only what make it such a timeless classic that any fan will appreciate once they get past them.

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