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Final Fantasy XI Ranking Expansions Tier List 2023

In this article, we will delve into the expansive world of Final Fantasy XI and rank its various expansions. From the iconic Rise of the Zilart to the recent Rhapsodies of Vanadiel, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of each expansion, considering factors such as new jobs, zones, music, story, and endgame content. So without further ado, let's dive into the rankings!

About Final Fantasy XI Expansions

Final Fantasy XI is a beloved MMORPG that has received regular updates in the form of expansions and add-ons over the years. These additions bring new storylines, jobs, zones, quests, and content to the game, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. The expansions are larger in scope and offer a significant amount of new content, while the add-ons are smaller in scale but still introduce new elements to the game.


All of these expansions and add-ons have been made available on various platforms, including PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360. However, it's worth noting that Seekers of Adoulin, one of the expansions, did not receive a PlayStation 2 release outside of Japan.


These regular updates have allowed Final Fantasy XI to evolve and expand its world, providing players with new adventures and challenges to undertake. Whether it's exploring new zones, embarking on epic quests, or trying out different job classes, Final Fantasy XI continues to captivate players with its ongoing updates and enriching content.


D Tier: Abyssia

Abyssia offered no new jobs and presented reskinned zones that lacked the iconic nature of previous expansions. The music and story were unremarkable, and the endgame content suffered from the rapid scaling of ilvl gear, rendering older content obsolete. The introduction of Abyssia effectively killed much of the previous endgame content, contributing to its D tier placement.


C Tier: Crystaline Moogle and Shantotto's mini-expansions

These mini-expansions, priced at $9.99 each, added no new jobs or zones to the game. However, they did provide enjoyable storylines, making them worth experiencing. The endgame content was limited to obtaining one item per expansion. While the story earned an A rating, the lack of substantial endgame content led to a low D rating in that category. Crystaline Moogle and Shantotto's expansions settle in the C tier due to their focus on story at the expense of endgame content.


B Tier: Wings of the Goddess

Wings of the Goddess offered two new jobs: Scholar and Dancer. While the expansion featured numerous zones, they were mostly reskins of existing areas, resulting in a lack of iconic locales. The music was decent, but it often went unnoticed due to the campaign music or mounts. The story received a solid B rating, and the endgame content was a decent addition, enhancing the existing activities. Wings of the Goddess falls into the B tier due to its reliance on reskins and missed opportunities for iconic locations.


A Tier: Chains of Promathia

Chains of Promathia brought no new jobs but featured captivating zones, albeit often tied to challenging missions. The music for these zones added to the immersive experience, capturing the essence of each area. The story, although sometimes hindered by long breaks between missions, was well-crafted. The endgame content, while not groundbreaking, added value to the 75-era, earning Chains of Promathia an A rating.


A Tier: Treasures of Aht Urhgan

Treasures of Aht Urhgan introduced three new jobs: Blue Mage, Corsair, and Puppetmaster. The expansion unveiled a new continent with unique zones that, while lacking the iconic status of previous expansions, were well-designed and enjoyable. The music was solid but not particularly memorable. The story, though not outstanding, had its moments. The endgame content was satisfying, providing additional activities alongside existing content. Overall, Treasures of Aht Urhgan received an A rating.


S Tier: Rise of the Zilart

Rise of the Zilart, the original expansion, is a cornerstone of Final Fantasy XI. It introduced essential jobs like Samurai, Ninja, and Dragoon, which have remained stable throughout the game's history. The expansion featured memorable zones like Skye, Zita, and Al'Taieu, with their stunning environments and iconic music. While the story may not have been the main focus during this era, the endgame content was top-notch, earning Rise of the Zilart an S Plus rating.


S Tier: Rhapsodies of Vanadiel

Final Fantasy XI Ranking Expansions Tier List 2023

Rhapsodies of Vanadiel served as a grand finale for Final Fantasy XI, effectively tying together all the previous stories into one cohesive narrative. The expansion offered no new jobs, but it introduced new zones such as the reskinned Sky and Zita areas and the intriguing Ryzomjima. The music was delightful, but unfortunately overshadowed by the repetitive campaign music. The story, however, earned an S Plus rating for its impressive culmination of the game's lore. The endgame content in this era was diverse and engaging, making it another S Plus addition to the game.



Final Fantasy XI has seen numerous expansions over its 20-year history, each bringing unique elements to the game. From the unforgettable Rise of the Zilart to the epic Rhapsodies of Vanadiel, the expansions have shaped the world of Vana'diel. While some expansions excelled in multiple areas, others fell short in certain aspects. Ultimately, the ranking of the expansions is subjective, influenced by personal experiences and preferences. Whether you agree or disagree with this tier list, Final Fantasy XI continues to offer a rich and diverse world for players to explore and enjoy.

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