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FFXI Farming Gil with Tomberry Items Thief's Knife Guides

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on Final Fantasy XI Gil farming, we will look at how to get the Thief's Knife as well as other valuable Tomberry items. This guide is intended to be succinct and lucid, giving you the steps that will help you improve your farming experience.


FFXI Farming Gil with Tomberry Items Thief


Journey of Den of Rancor

Begin your journey by finding your way to temple of Yugi, then go down to Den of Rancor. You should have the Paintbrush of Souls, a key item obtained through a specific quest.


Navigating the Tomberry Territory

By entering the Den of Rancor, you will meet first Tomberry camp. There are several creatures here: from level 63 to level 70; therefore it is advisable that they be approached at level 75 for better results. In this part you must get a Flickering Lantern which has a relatively low drop rate. Attain any available Treasure Hunter abilities or items in order to have a better chance.


Valuable Drops and Combat Strategies

Besides Flickering Lanterns, Tomberries may also give other interesting items such as Tomberry Coats, Light Crystals, Beastman Seals, Kindred Seals and even for level 75 they give substantial amount of experience points but beware their potent TP move Throat Stab. One should know that this attack can leave their HP at 1% and thus make them vulnerable to defeat. So rather than being hit by it see the animation cue and quickly move your character about five or six yalms away from where that Tomberry is standing.


Finding Coffer Key

While hunting for the Flickering Lantern, pay attention to Den of Rancor Coffer Key. It may unlock more treasure within this area though not common like many others. These drops are hard-to-find so patience and persistence are required when farming them.


The Final Challenge: Zou Ro Berry

Next step after obtaining a Flickering Lantern, is to challenge Zou Ro Berry.



By going through this guide successfully you should be able to rather easily farm for a Thief's Knife and make some good amount of money if you decide to sell what you have found. Thank you for accompanying us in this journey of farming.

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