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FF11 Gil Guide: Maximizing Frming Final Fantasy XI in Reisenjima

Final Fantasy XI offers a plethora of activities to engage in, including earning FFXI Gil. However, if you're looking for a unique approach to both gaining experience and accumulating wealth, Reisenjima is the place to be. In this guide, we will explore the concept of Reisenjima and share the best methods to optimize your time there. Utilizing the Records of Eminence system and specific strategies, you can efficiently farm experience points and amass significant amounts of Gil. Let's dive in!

FF11 Gil Guide: Maximizing Frming Final Fantasy XI in Reisenjima



Before delving into Reisenjima, completing the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel storyline is crucial. Additionally, equipping the Trusts, "I'm ChuChu" for support and a Colibri for haste, will greatly enhance your fighting abilities. These Trusts can also provide MP refresh and healing support. Now that you are prepared, let's move on to the core strategy.


Engaging the Mobs

Reisenjima is a well-known location, and it serves as the ideal spot for this particular method. Here, you will engage mobs that are relatively easy to defeat. By participating in Campaign Battles and fulfilling the Record of Eminence requirements, you will earn sparks, accolades, and potentially rare items from the brown chests. Additionally, the Asheite currency obtained from the chests can be sold for a substantial amount of Gil.


Blue Mage Strategy

Among the various jobs available in Final Fantasy XI, the Blue Mage excels in Reisenjima due to its unique spell, Abduction. With Abduction, you can gather thousands of mobs, immobilize them using Gravity, and then unleash devastating AoE spells. The experience points gained from this method are exceptional, making Blue Mage the best job for efficient leveling and Gil farming in this zone.


Optimizing Records of Eminence

To further enhance your progress, it is essential to optimize the Records of Eminence system.

Set the following objectives under the "Quests" and "Records of Eminence of Current" categories:

  • Deal 500+ damage: This objective can be achieved by dealing significant damage to enemies, helping you progress in your Records of Eminence.
  • Spoils of Crystals: Keep an eye on the crystals dropped by enemies and ensure you obtain specific elements. Wind and earth crystals are particularly valuable.
  • Adjust Restjima Counters: Customize your Restjima counters based on the camp you are in. This action will increase your Sparks bonus, aiding in faster progression.


Utilizing Sparks and Accolades

Both sparks and accolades serve as valuable currencies in Final Fantasy XI. Sparks can be exchanged with NPCs for various items, while accolades can be converted into Prize Powders. The most efficient approach is to accumulate as many sparks and accolades as possible before exchanging them. This way, you can avoid delays caused by frequent trips to the NPCs. Many players choose to leave ample space in their inventories while exchanging, ensuring a swift process.


Dumping for Profit

To maximize your profits, travel to Bostick, a town known for its NPC vendors. Access the Equipment (Level 71-98) section and scroll down to the third page, where you will find the Archeron Shield. Purchase multiple shields as per your requirement. Next, visit the Unity Concord NPC and exchange your accolades for Pinch of Prize Powders, which stack up to 99. Each Prize Powder you obtain can be sold to NPCs for 10,000 Gil. By efficiently managing your accolades, you can accumulate substantial amounts of Gil quickly.



Reisenjima provides an excellent opportunity to both level up and accumulates wealth in Final Fantasy XI. With a Blue Mage and its Abduction spell, you can efficiently gather and defeat mobs, yielding impressive experience points. Remember to optimize your Records of Eminence objectives and accumulate sparks and accolades for efficient trading. Following these strategies can generate substantial profits and level up your character in Reisenjima. 

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