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  • Gigantrite-기간트리테
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 1000G
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  • 3000G
  • 4000G
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  • 6000G

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11 Jun
3 / 5

Great Throne and Liberty Lucent, lots of fun. A few minor bugs, but overall a good purchase.

10 Jun
5 / 5

This Throne and Liberty Lucent has exceeded my expectations in every way.

09 Jun
5 / 5

This Lucent is amazing. It's top-notch.

08 Jun
3 / 5

The service for Throne and Liberty from LOLTANK was okay, but not great.

07 Jun
5 / 5

This TL Lucent is a game-changer.

05 Jun
5 / 5

I am deeply satisfied with the Lucent service for Throne and Liberty provided by LOLTANK. A wise choice.

What is Throne and Liberty?

Throne and Liberty has a complicated pay-to-win structure that changes as you play the game. In one hand, there are some perks for people who pay; on the other, Free2Play players can win by playing smart and working in guilds together. To understand how this works, you need to know how it's currency and gearing systems work with it's dynamic MMORPG.

What is Throne and Liberty Lucent?

In Throne and Liberty, there are two primary currencies: Lucent and Sollant. Lucent is similar to gold in Lost Ark as it is farmed through gear drops sold or traits extracted from items. Sollant on the other hand is used for enhancing gear among other things in the game and was originally a bottleneck but has gotten easier to obtain through events.


How to Making Lucents?

In Throne and Liberty, Lucent plays a crucial role in character progression. It is used to buy upgrade materials and gear. You can get growth stones and crafting materials in the auction house using it, cutting down on time it takes to build up your gear.


Utilizing the Contract System

The contract manager in every city or major village in Throne and Liberty. Players receive 10 contracts daily that on completion gives them contract coins. These coins can be used for purchasing extra contracts or items. Mastering this system will be an important means of earning lucent efficiently.


Crafting and Selling Valuable Items

The marketplace is essential in acquiring lucent. Some weapons have special stats like magical crit chance or heavy attack chance that make them more valuable than others. Creating these items for sale among other things provides F2P access to Lucent. It is important noting traits as well as enchantment chances, which increase the value of an item by raising its success rate.


Efficient Crafting Strategies

When crafting, focus on items with desired traits. Here's how you do it. Use materials obtained through gameplay to craft weapons and gear then sell them on market place. The less often the crafted item is found, the greater its rarity, which affects both its actual worth in terms of lucent along with its market appeal; also every failed attempt at enchanting an item increases towards success rate for subsequent one rendering it more possible for valuable items to be created strategically.


Maximizing Your Earnings

To increase your income potential, create additional characters (alts) that allow you to bypass daily contract restrictions. Alts can reach max level quickly, allowing you to complete more contracts and thus earn more Lucent. Consolidate your earned Lucent into your primary character for amassed wealth.


Selling Strategy in the Marketplace

When you have created items with useful traits, list them on the marketplace. Set competitive prices according to market trends. Remember that rarity and demand for certain traits can raise prices, so price your items accordingly to maximize profit.


Flipping Items for Profit

Time to flip the item once you snipe it. Be careful when setting an item's listing price; it should be competitive and profitable. For example, if you have just bought an item that has Skill Damage Boost at 300 Lucent, then consider posting it at 900 Lucent which is a lower price than the highest listings but still ensures considerable gain.

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