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Throne and Liberty Combat System: Alpha Hands-on Q&A Guide

Welcome to the Alpha Hands-on Q&A guide for Throne and Liberty! In this article, we will explore the combat system of the game and provide you with valuable insights. Please note that the information shared here is based on the alpha version, and the game is still undergoing development, so that some details may change before its release.


Throne and Liberty Combat System: Alpha Hands-on Q&A Guide


Combat Mechanics & Gameplay

During the two-week alpha testing period, players had the opportunity to experience the vast open world of Throne and Liberty. The game features a seamless open world with no loading screens, allowing players to explore freely. You can also fast-travel to different locations, although it requires in-game currency known as gold.


One notable aspect of the combat system is the morphing system, where players can morph into different forms, such as a swimming morph, a running morph, or a gliding morph. These transformations are seamless and can be used in conjunction with other actions like grappling. However, flying upwards is not possible in the game.


In terms of group dynamics, you can team up with up to six players to tackle various challenges, including dungeons. The combat feels fluid, and the movement mechanics are well-implemented, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.


Character Progression

Throne and Liberty features two types of progression: character level and weapon mastery. Character levels are obtained through quests and defeating enemies, while weapons gain experience specifically from killing foes. Players found the progression to be somewhat slow during the alpha, but this could change in the future as the developers fine-tune the game.


Currency and Monetization

There are two types of Throne and  Liberty currencies: the gold and a premium currency (potentially referred to as gyms during the alpha). While gold is earned through gameplay, the premium currency can be acquired by playing the game or potentially through in-app purchases. It's encouraging to know that premium currency isn't solely locked behind real-money transactions, giving players the opportunity to earn it through regular gameplay.


Control Options

Throne and  Liberty offers various control options, including support for both keyboard and mouse, as well as controller gameplay. During the alpha, players started with four abilities mapped to specific buttons, and the controller UI setup was reminiscent of games like Final Fantasy XIV. It is hoped that players will have the ability to customize the control scheme to their liking further.


Additionally, cooldowns in the game are independent for each skill, meaning there is no global cooldown. This allows for more flexibility and strategy in combat. Players can also switch between weapons on the fly, giving them the ability to create their own unique combos and playstyles.


Abilities and Weapons

Throne and Liberty introduces a flexible ability system, allowing players to have more than just four abilities. Extra ability slots can be unlocked later in the game, expanding your arsenal of skills. Abilities are tied to your weapon mastery so that different weapons will offer unique abilities. For example, a wand and a grimoire will provide healing abilities, while a staff focuses on offence. Players can have presets with different main and offhand weapons, offering diverse skill sets for each preset.


Weapon Rarity &  Schematics

Weapons in Throne and Liberty come in various rarities, ranging from grey (common) to green, blue, and purple (rare). Blue and purple weapons require schematics, which are similar to blueprints. It is believed that schematics might be dropped by world bosses, but the traceability of these items currently needs to be discovered.


Pets and Auto Battle

Throne and Liberty features cute pets that players can unlock through quests or purchases. Pets have a standard ability, such as healing the player, and a unique second ability. Additionally, players can purchase world leaves, which are items used for passive healing. When a player falls below 75 HP, a world leaf will be consumed, healing around 100 HP every few seconds. Auto battle is available in the game, but it is relatively weak and not recommended for extended periods. If left on during the night, the player may run out of world leaves and eventually die.


Auto Battle Rules and Traversing

While using auto battle, players can set up rules for loot priority and enemy preferences. However, certain areas may pose risks. For example, accidentally hitting an egg could trigger an attack from all nearby birds. Traversing the game world is made easier with auto pathing between quests. Keep in mind that certain obstacles like mines can still cause unexpected challenges during auto pathing.


Combat Mechanics

Throne and Liberty utilizes a tab-targeting combat system complemented by auto-battle features. Some abilities require the player to channel them, rooting the character, while others allow movement. Skills can also include movement-based attacks, like charge-based attacks. This allows for strategic kiting and mobility during combat encounters.


Crafting, Gathering, and Inventory

Crafting and gathering play important roles in the game's economy. Although the details of the crafting system were not thoroughly enjoyed by some players, they are distinct from systems found in other MMOs. Gathering items manually or through auto-battle will yield materials and rare mats, which have a higher value than farming enemies. The inventory system is weight-based, and the carrying capacity depends on certain attributes. Craftable and material items have low weight, allowing players to customize auto loot rules based on their preferences.


Auto Battle & Game Mechanics

The implementation of auto-battle in Throne and Liberty has both positive and negative aspects. On the one hand, it opens up the opportunity for all players to benefit from the feature, avoiding the need to treat the game like a job. On the other hand, the presence of auto-battle may lead to an increase in player numbers and played hours. This could affect the average playtime calculations for the game. While some systems may be gameable, others remain unaffected, making it an interesting dynamic to observe.


Controller Support & Guild System

Throne and  Liberty offers enjoyable controller support, providing a seamless experience reminiscent of Final Fantasy XIV's setup. The guild system allows players to contribute materials from higher-level areas to their guild.



Overall, the alpha version of the game provides a promising foundation for an immersive MMO experience, with engaging combat mechanics, character progression, and diverse gameplay features. As the developers continue to refine the game, it is expected that some details may change before its release, enhancing the overall player experience.

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