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08 Dec
3 / 5

I have mixed feelings about the Throne and Liberty Gold I bought at LOLTANK. The graphics are decent, but the gameplay lacks depth and variety.

07 Dec
4 / 5

I got this Throne and Liberty Gold a while ago, and it's been a solid addition to my gaming setup. It works well, and I'm satisfied with the purchase.

06 Dec
5 / 5

I bought Throne and Liberty Gold at LOLTANK, and it exceeded my expectations. Fantastic!

05 Dec
4 / 5

The TL Gold I purchased at LOLTANK is a good product. It gets the job done, but there might be better options out there.

02 Dec
3 / 5

Throne and Liberty Gold had a few issues upon arrival.

What is Throne and Liberty?

Throne & Liberty: Stands out with its innovative Codex system, replacing traditional quests with dynamic storytelling. Include a seamless open world / a blend of PvP and PvE elements / a realistic day-night cycle weather system, etc. With an intuitive control system, players can enjoy crafting, weapon mastery, and engaging combat. Guilds provide communal benefits & experiences. For MMO fans, the game promises immersive and diverse gameplay.


Gameplay & Features:

  • Adventure Codex: Your storyline GPS through the game's world.
  • Exploration Codex: A treasure-filled journey across each zone.
  • Collection Codex: Like a game-wide scavenger hunt with XP and coin rewards.
  • Dynamic Events: A fusion of PvE and PvP challenges offering XP and crafting treasures.
  • Contract System: Side quests galore, especially rewarding when tackling elite monsters.
  • Open World: A vast landscape that's always ready for action.
  • PvP and PvE Synergy: Zones that cater to both chill explorers and thrill-seekers.
  • Realistic Game World: A living, breathing world where time and weather matter.
  • Intuitive Combat: Slick controls and a combat system that balances strategy with reflexes.

What is Throne and Liberty Adena?

Adena is the bread and butter, the virtual cash that keeps the Throne and Liberty world spinning. As you climb the ladder in game life gets pricey. Items and services cost more Adena, turning it into a precious resource. Smart players find savvy ways to stack up Adena, keeping ahead.


Throne and Liberty Adena Using

  • Spend Like a King (or Queen): Adena's your ticket to an armory of weapons, a wardrobe of armor, and a stash of potions. Need to buff up your gear or jazz up your skills? Adena’s got your back.
  • Trade at Your Own Risk: Here's the juicy gossip – you can trade Adena for real-world dough. But beware, game devs are like hawks; they don't take kindly to this, and you might end up with a game-over screen.


Farming Throne & Liberty Adena

  • Monster Farming: Like a day job but with more monsters. Defeat them, loot them, and watch your Adena stack grow.
  • Quests and Events: Be the hero, complete quests, join in on events, and get rewarded in cold, hard Adena.
  • Craft and Trade: Feeling crafty? Make items that everyone's dying to get their hands on. Rare items? They're Adena magnets.

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