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What is Throne and Liberty Adena?

Adena is the main Currency in Throne and Liberty used for Trading, Buy Items, and upgrading characters. LOLTANK offers Large stock of cheap TL Gold Adena for sale online, offering instant delivery, security guarantee, policy refund, and the best customer service.

  • Platforms - PS 4/5
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 99G
  • 198G
  • 297G
  • 396G
  • 495G
  • 594G

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What is Throne and Liberty?

Throne and Liberty is an upcoming MMORPG from NCSoft that has players excited about its potential. With the recent announcement that the game will be published by Amazon Game Studios, both in Japan and the West, players are looking forward to the game.

The game promises to bring a fully immersive world to its players, with a dynamic weather system and a day-night cycle that will have an impact on gameplay. Players will also be able to transform into animals, allowing them to explore the world more freely and to carry other players.

The game also features a story-driven experience, with player decisions having a direct impact on the game world. NCSoft is also dedicated to providing players with objectives beyond the traditional power creep, such as collaborative challenges and content, especially in the form of boss fights.



  • A logbook containing various achievements, quests, and daily logins to help keep track of progress and access rewards. 
  • Gathering and combat mechanics, such as mining and woodcutting require transformation. 
  • Gliding tutorial with a variety of glider skins for customization. 
  • Dungeons with rewards such as quest items and Gold. 
  • Map with various layers that can be toggled on and off. 
  • Land and aquatic transformations for traversing the world. 
  • Cosmetic options for customizing your character's look.

Throne and Liberty Adena In

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Throne and Liberty News & Guides

Top 5 Most Common Questions About Throne and Liberty
Top 5 Most Common Questions About Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty is an upcoming MMORPG from NCSoft that has been in development since 2020. The game has generated a lot of hype and excitement, with many fans asking questions about what to expect. In this article, LOLTANK will explore the five most common questions about Throne and Liberty and provide answers based on the information that is currently available.

Is Throne of Liberty a Pay-to-Win MMORPG?
Is Throne of Liberty a Pay-to-Win MMORPG?

Throne of Liberty looks to be offering a balanced monetization system that rewards players for their commitment and dedication to the game. Although there is still some skepticism surrounding the Battle Pass system, it appears to be a fair and balanced approach to monetization. By providing players with an optional subscription model, NCSoft is ensuring that players can enjoy the game without feeling forced to spend money.

Throne of Liberty with Many Similarities to New World
Throne of Liberty with Many Similarities to New World

Throne of Liberty is an upcoming MMO with many similarities to New World, but also includes a lot of new features and improvements. The game has an open-world PvP system with events popping up on the map, a class system that allows players to switch between different weapons and classes, massive guild wars, a grapple move that allows players to traverse the map faster, and the ability to turn into animals.

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