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Throne and Liberty: Ultimate Mage Guide for Staff & Wand Build

Welcome to the ultimate Mage guide for Throne and Liberty! Here, we'll teach you how to master the Staff and Wand classes. With insight from top-ranked guild Mages, I'll cover everything you need to know about thriving as a Mage in this world. Our journey will dive into the intricacies of Mage gameplay, covering key aspects such as stats, skills, gear, and strategies for both PvE and PvP.


Throne and Liberty: Ultimate Mage Guide for Staff & Wand Build


What is a Mage in Throne and Liberty?

Mages in Throne and Liberty are mid-to-long-range damage dealers who specialize in Info Mechanic skills. These skills apply damage over time (DoT) on targets as well as affect other skill effects. This class can be used universally; from basic PvE activities such as quests or dungeons to AoE (Area of Effect) grinding. Moreover, Mages have an edge over their opponents due to their crowd control or escape abilities in PvP.


Staff vs. Wand - Why Both?

In Throne and Liberty, the Staff is the primary weapon for a Mage focusing on burst and DoT skills. Additionally, wands are better secondary weapons since they synergize well with staffs in terms of stats as well as traits. Besides healing powers and more crowd controls that assist during party content effectively use wands.



Stat Allocation: Crafting Your Mage's Foundation

It all begins with understanding stat allocation when your journey with a Mage starts off. A balanced approach is important for a level 50 Mage. For example put 30 points into dexterity for critical damage; wisdom 28 points for mana regeneration; finally perception 30 points for attack accuracy. Each stat affects not only your damage but also comes along with some unique benefits e.g health regeneration (strength) or mana regen (wisdom). Progressively, modify these statistics to match your type of game including whether it is PvE or PvP.


Mage Skills: PvE and PvP Focus

For PvE, prioritize skills like Chain Lightning, Judgment, and Inferno Wave, along with Fireball for its burning effect. In PvP focus on crowd control skills like Freezing and Escape abilities. Don't forget that the situation has to be adapted to when using your skills. Whether it's a mob in PvE or an opponent in PvP.



Skill Rotation: Maximizing Your Magical Output

Skill rotation is where you bring your Mage to life. Start engagements with Fireball to inflict burn, followed by Inferno Wave for additional damage. Utilize Chain Lightning and Judgment Lightning for high-damage attacks especially after applying burning effects. Interleave these with stacking curses using wand abilities for dot damage. Keep in mind that Chain Lightning is more effective during rain as it adds an AoE dimension to your arsenal. Finally, your wand skills should revolve around cursing with direct damage being done by the staff.


Gear Selection: Equipping for Magical Dominance

Making the right gear choice is key to success in Mage. Go for magic heavy attack chance with your staff, and magical hit with your wand. You'll want to focus on core stats early on, like equipment that increases magic evasion or mana regen, among other factors in some of them Don't worry about traits too much at first – they become more important when you start endgame min-maxing. Lastly, remember there's a long journey ahead to acquiring best gear; so strategize accordingly and have patience.


Best Gear: Stats and Traits

In Mage gearing, focus on items that increase dexterity (to land critical hits) and wisdom (to increase mana and burn chance). For traits, look for Magic Critical Hit, Magic Hit (to ensure your attacks land), and Magic Heavy Chance Attack (for a chance to double your damage output). Best in slot gear includes items that boost your critical hit chance, mana regeneration and overall damage.


Weapon Mastery and Skill Trees: How to Master Them

While leveling weapon mastery, survey the skill trees to upgrade the abilities of your mage. For instance, the Destroy tree offers increased base damage and mana regen, vital for a Damage focused Mage. Customize your skill tree option towards what you would like to do as either a primary damager or support healer.


Progressing as a Mage

Advancing through Throne and Liberty requires upgrading gear, improving skills and constantly changing tactics based on the ever-changing demands of the game. Remember that you need to strike a balance between offensive capability and defensive so as to maximize your potential as a Mage.


Experimentation: Discovering Your Unique Playstyle

Trial-and-error is important in Throne and Liberty. There are combinations such as staff and longbow that yield unique synergies. Each weapon pair provides different benefits regarding DPS, survival ability, or play style. Do not be afraid of moving away from traditional builds so long as it works best for you.



For Throne and Liberty players who wish to become experts in using Mages, it is all about taking this path which involves strategic skill choices, optimizing gear options while adapting to various gameplay scenarios. The dynamic experience of delving deep into dungeons or engaging in PvP battles against opponents is provided by the Mage class.

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