Sell to Us

Sell to Us

We are grateful for considering LOLTANK as a possible buyer. We provide fast, secure and secure services for in-game currency, items. Our experienced team guarantees you the best prices and customer service. There are various forms of payments like Paypal, Skrill and Bitcoin that we accept. Feel free to contact us today to get started.


How can I sell Poe Currency to LOLTANK?

1. Register an account at LOLTANK.

2. Contact us via live chat or email to discuss details and provide information about your POE currency.

3. Bargain for price and confirm the order.

4. Get payment through one of our accepted payment methods.

5. Trade the POE Currency via game trade system.

6. Be informed that your purchase has been delivered successfully and payment has been made.


How do I get money from LOLTANK?

1. Create an account on LOLTANK.

2.Contact us through a live chat or email to talk about details as well as give information about your POE currency.

3.Negotiate on the price then confirm your order

4.You will receive payment via one of our acceptable payment methods

5.Delivery of POE Currency using game's trade system

6.Get confirmation that delivery was successful and you have been paid

7.Receive your payment

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