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FFXIV Patch 6.4 Island Sanctuary Rank 16 Rewards: Glamour, Mounts, and New Buildings

In this guide, we will explore the rewards and features available at Sanctuary rank 16 in FFXIV Island Sanctuary. From an amazing glamour set to new buildings and landscapes, there are plenty of exciting things to discover at this level. Join us as we delve into the details of each reward and highlight what makes them special.


FFXIV Patch 6.4 Island Sanctuary Rank 16 Rewards: Glamour, Mounts, and New Buildings


Island Resort Glamour Set

At Sanctuary rank 16, players are rewarded with the stunning Island Resort glamour set. This set features a unique design that stands out from existing outfits in the game. However, note that the headpiece cannot be used by wrothgar and probably beer as well. The set includes the Island Resort headpiece, pants with pleats, and a shirt with a lock and peel design. The shirt also comes with a stylish watch, a rare addition to FFXIV's glamour options.


Mount: Idol Buffalo

Reaching rank 16 in the Island Sanctuary grants you the Idol Buffalo mount. This magnificent and massive buffalo mount is available for 50,000 calories. It is particularly impressive for Roegadyn characters due to its size, making it a striking addition to your mount collection.


Cozy Cabin

Upon reaching rank 16, you unlock the Cozy Cabin building. The Cozy Cabin offers a unique aesthetic, reminiscent of the crystarium from Shadowbringers. It features glass windows, beautiful lighting, and an inviting atmosphere. Within the cabin, you'll find a chandelier, a pool with aesthetically pleasing petals, a seating area resembling a bar, sail mammoths, and an orchestrian. The ambiance is further enhanced by a captivating new OST playing in the background.


Clockwork Fire Station

Another building unlocked at rank 16 is the Clockwork Fire Station. This structure has a Clockwork-inspired design, with ladders and pipes adorning its exterior. It shares some similarities with the crystarium in terms of its brickwork and overall aesthetic. Exploring the Clockwork Fire Station, you'll find various machines and transparent windows that offer scenic views. The transparency effects add an extra touch of beauty to this building.


Produce Building

The Produce Building is yet another structure players can access at rank 16. This building showcases an abundance of produce, vegetables, and other botanical elements. It exudes a visually pleasing and vibrant atmosphere. Inside, you'll find barrels, plant boxes, and a captivating view of the surrounding landscape.


Employment Park: Clockwork Clock Tower

The Employment Park includes the Clockwork Clock Tower, a structure with an intriguing aesthetic. While it might not perfectly match the existing aesthetics, it still complements the overall theme of the Island Sanctuary. The Clockwork Clock Tower offers a visually stunning and picturesque view from the top.


Expansion and Future Potential

As you explore the Island Sanctuary at rank 16, you'll notice various landmarks and areas that hint at future expansions and developments. There is a sense of potential and room for growth, with the possibility of new pathways and structures being added in the future. The developers have left room for further expansion, making the Island Sanctuary an exciting and evolving feature in FFXIV.



Reaching Sanctuary rank 16 in FFXIV's Island Sanctuary brings an array of ffxiv rewards and new features. From the captivating Island Resort glamour set to the massive Idol Buffalo mount, each reward adds a unique touch to your gameplay experience. The Cozy Cabin, Clockwork Fire Station, and Produce Building provide diverse aesthetics and immersive environments to enjoy. Additionally, the Employment Park and Clockwork Clock Tower present stunning views and hint at potential future updates. Embrace the beauty of the Island Sanctuary and enjoy the rewards that await you at rank 16.

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