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What Essential Items Should You Craft Before Patch 6.4 | FFXIV?

With the release of Patch 6.4 in Final Fantasy XIV on the horizon, it's time to start preparing for new combat gear, potions, and food. As usual, time to start preparing for patch 6.4. Crafting is a crucial aspect of preparing for a new patch, So we'll discuss the essential items that crafters should stock up on before the patch drops.


What Essential Items Should You Craft Before Patch 6.4 | FFXIV?


Earthbreak Aethersand

The first item on the list is Earthbreak Aethersand, which is comparable to 11 strike Aethersands from Shadowbringers. This item was used extensively in the final set of combat gear, so it's safe to assume that it will be needed again. It's recommended to have 25-38 Earthbreak Aethersand per combat gear set. Consider buying extra to sell on the market board when the patch drops.



The new patch is expected to bring a new weekly tomestone variety. As a result, the current tomestones, Astronomy Tomes, will become obsolete. It's essential to ensure that both Astronomy and Causality Tomestones is capped before the patch drops. If you're starting from zero causality, you have just enough weeks to cap out before the expected drop date of May 23rd.



With new food and potions coming out, high-end melds on your crafter and gatherer gear may need tweaking. It's recommended to keep a small stockpile of crafter and materia gatherer on hand, as these tend to stay useful. Combat materia will likely see a demand spike at the start of the patch, followed by a permanent decline over the next patch or so. Sell off any excess combat materia you don't need and only keep a small stock for later remelds.


Crafter Scrip

Purple script items are essential as there will most likely be several new script-only items required for the new food and potions. Use your retainers to hold collectibles while waiting for the patch to drop. While Grip gel isn't expected to be needed for anything next patch, it needs to be clarified just how many, if any, immutable Solutions will be needed. A sublime solution isn't a one-to-one equivalent in this case, so consider stocking up on immutable solutions just in case.



Almost all of the needed precrafts will be from materials newly introduced with the patch. However, the regular base node pre-craft items may be needed in small quantities. Additionally, Grade 5 stat alcohols have been used to craft Grade 7 potion variants in End Walker crafting. Something similar may happen with the new patch, so it's recommended to stock up on these ff14 items.



Preparing for the upcoming patch requires a combination of stockpiling materials and tomestones, as well as making educated guesses about what precrafts and material will be needed. Remember that these recommendations are based on previous patch data, and Square Enix may throw a curveball, so it's essential to remain flexible and adaptable.

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