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How to Prepare for FFXIV Patch 6.4?

If you're an avid FFXIV player, you might be wondering how to prepare for the upcoming Patch 6.4. Although it may seem a little early, it's never too soon to start getting ready for the new content. In this guide, we'll cover some essential steps you can take to ensure that you're ultra-prepared for the upcoming patch.


How to Prepare for FFXIV Patch 6.4?


Prepare for Gathering Notes

To prepare for the newly crafted battle gear for the new raid tier, you'll need FFXIV material to meld your gatherers and crafters' gear. You'll want to make sure to meld your gatherer's gear to hit the breakpoints and make gathering more efficient.

If you're new to material melding, you can follow the team craft guide on melding as they work out the best-in-slot melds. You can also go for the new splendorous tools as they come pretty close to the instigators and can be a short-term solution.


Complete the Blue Mage Story

We'll be getting an update to the blue mage, so if you still need to complete the story, it's time to get started. The carnival requirements can be annoying, but they're easy. Ulrich's basic guide to mass carnival website can help you complete every single level and tell you what spells you need.


Get Started on the Spundlers Tools

If you're a crafter and gatherer main and have yet to find the inspiration to work on the spindle tools, starting them now would be your best bet. It's a way to lower the barrier to entry, even for beginner crafters. If you want to have these done by the time the next steps come out, which is patch 6.45, then start doing custom deliveries every week.


Update Island Sanctuary

We'll be getting an update to Island Sanctuary, so it's recommended that everyone do it, even if you don't like the content. Once you finish it, it's completely self-sustaining, and you can get a ton of cool mounts and glams from it. We'll be getting new ranks and rewards for patch 6.4, so start now to get ahead.


Join Hunt Trains

Hunt trains are a great way to level up and get clusters for your battle material for your crafted gear for 6.4. You'll also get tombstones for your Mandeville relics. This is the best method, and it actually will take less time than you think.



Preparing for FFXIV patch 6.4 is all about getting ahead of the game. Start early and take steps to improve your gear, complete quests, and level up your characters. With these tips, you'll be ultra-prepared for the new content and ready to take on anything that comes your way. So, good luck and happy gaming!

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