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FFXIV 100% XP Boosts: How to Level Up Quickly?

Are you a budding adventurer in Eorzea looking to hit 90 before the DawnTrail? Or maybe you just want your current jobs boosted up a few levels. Learn the fastest and most efficient ways to get any combat job up to max level, this guide will teach you how to quickly level up any combat job in Final Fantasy XIV with ease.



FFXIV 100% XP Boosts: How to Level Up Quickly?


Your First Job To Max

If you're new and your main job is still green, focus on the Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) first. Not only is it full of top-tier storytelling; it's also packed with experience points (XP), which are necessary for unlocking high-level content.


Experience Bonuses

Before we dive into specific leveling strategies, let's talk about all the different XP bonuses at our disposal:

  • Rested XP: Your character gets a 50% boost when taking down enemies after resting at any sanctuary (look for that cozy moon symbol). Don't waste it all on crafting or gathering!
  • Heat of Battle Buff: Provided by your Free Company or from a handy squadron battle manual; lets you gain an extra 5-15% of XP when killing things. It's like having your own personal cheer squad around.
  • Well-Fed Bonus: This game loves its food! Any type will give you a 3% XP bonus as long as "Well-fed" appears over your hotbar. Think of this as seasoning for your leveling; don't let it expire.
  • Special Gear: Certain accessories are more than just fashion statements; they offer insane amounts of extra XP. The Friendship Circlet and Brand-New Ring both give up to 30% more below level 30 grinding, while the Bozjan Earring gives a flat 10% from one through eighty.
  • Road to 70/80 Buff: On a preferred world? You can earn double XP as long as that server bonus is active. It's double XP, all day, every day.
  • Pre-order Earrings: Shiny baubles that give you up to 30% more XP up to level 80. Keep an eye out for limited-time offers.
  • Armory Bonus: Got one high-level job? Every other job below that gets a massive xp boost (100% before level 80, then 50%).


Wondrous Tails

Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire has Wondrous Tails books you can get weekly, filled with goals that'll reward you with an insane amount of (about half a level) experience points if completed. Don't miss this fairy tale opportunity!


Duty Roulettes Galore Strategy

Now that your bonuses are stacked, let's talk strategy! Duty roulettes are where it's at:

  • Trials Roulette: Quick and highly rewarding.
  • Leveling Roulette: Consistently good gain per time invested.
  • Main Scenario Roulette: Slow but packed with big chunks of XP.
  • Alliance Roulette: Comparable to Main; gives a lot of XP for the time spent.
  • Frontline Roulette: PvP players rejoice! Post-queue switch jobs if desired.
  • Normal Raids Roulette: Less than trials but still worth your time for leveling purposes and gear drops


Filler Content Between Duties

If you have some downtime or queue times, especially as a DPS, try these options:

  • Highest Level Dungeon Available: Always go for the highest dungeon available (excluding end-of-expansion dungeons) for the best XP returns.
  • PVP Matches: If you enjoy them, Frontline can be a solid choice.
  • Side Quests & FATEs: These can help fill gaps when waiting for queues.


Tribal Quests

First up is tribal quests. Each beast tribe has its own set of quests, which you'll need to unlock by completing a specific quest chain. A quick search online will lead you to guides on how to start each tribe's quests. Keep in mind that you're limited to 12 tribal quests per day, so choose wisely!


Here's a tip: Pass on A Realm Reborn tribes when XP farming—they aren't worth your precious time. Focus on Heavensward and onwards instead. Their XP rewards scale with your level but cap once you outlevel that expansion. For example, Heavensward tribes max out at level 60.


Daily Hunt Marks

Next are daily hunt marks—do not confuse this with those random world spawns. These unlock as you rank up to Second Lieutenant in your Grand Company and must be unlocked in order of each expansion—start with Heavensward.


Heavensward hunts can be found near the Forgotten Knight in Ishgard, Stormblood hunts near Kugane's Shiokaze Hostelry, Shadowbringers hunts near the Crystarium's Temenos Rookery, and Endwalker hunts at Scholar's Harbor. Grab all available marks and get to hunting! 


FATE Farming

If you still have some juice left after tribal quests and hunts, jump into FATE farming. Pick a zone that matches your level and start going at it. Just be sure to stick around until the FATE ends to claim your reward.


Summary of the Strategy

  • Get all XP boosts possible activated.
  • Knock down all Duty Roulettes you can: trial, leveling, main scenario (MSQ), Alliance raids, Frontline PvP, normal raids, and weekly Guildhests for that sweet Challenge Log XP.
  • In between queue times tackle tribal quests, hunt marks, and level-appropriate FATES.


Leveling Below Level 50

For those under level 50 focus on leveling roulette and Frontline PvP. Add in Guildhests and queue for the highest dungeon available at all times. Don't forget about your job's hunting log and FATEs for extra XP.


Alternative Leveling Strategies

  • Squadrons & Duty Support: From levels 15 to 60 squadrons give consistent XP as you run dungeons with NPC allies. Duty support is more laid back but slower.
  • Deep Dungeons: Team up for Palace of the Dead (levels 1-60) and Heaven-on-High (levels 61-80). Start from higher floors for efficiency—premades recommended due to potential long queues.
  • Bozjan Southern Front: From levels 71 to 80 skirmishes and critical engagements give plenty of XP. It's effective even beyond level 80 but can become repetitive


To put it simply, the way to get strong is by making clever decisions and playing strategically. Get those XP bonuses like a pro, choose your roulettes wisely, and keep in mind that good things come to those who wait—especially when you’re waiting in DPS queues. Now go get 'em; conquer Eorzea!

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