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FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.4 Tier List: Meta Placement & Job Rankings

Welcome to our comprehensive tier list for Patch 6.4 of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker! With Savage raids already being conquered and numerous balancing changes implemented, we can now take a look at the meta placement for each job in this tier. Please keep in mind that this list is subjective and personal preference should always be prioritized. Additionally, it is essential to consult reliable sources and trusted players for guidance in optimizing your job choice. Let's begin with the tanking jobs.


FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.4 Tier List: Meta Placement & Job Rankings


Tanking Jobs

In this expansion, tanks are closely matched in terms of power, but they have distinct differences in actual fights. Paladin, due to its design, needs to catch up in terms of damage output. Gunbreaker shares a similar fate, even though it excels in burst damage. However, the balance between tanks is primarily fought on the defensive side, and the Dark Knight has lost its previous advantage of being more powerful than the competition


Despite this, Dark Knight still performs exceptionally well in terms of mitigation and avoiding crucial mechanics. Warrior is considered the top tank for mitigation and self-sustain, especially in dungeons and extreme trials. However, in Savage and Ultimate content, Warriors and Paladins become essential due to the value of potions and self-healing. 


Paladins excel as off-tanks but need more flexibility. Although Square Enix addressed some rotation issues with Paladin in patch 6.3, it needs to catch up. Dark Knight offers impressive damage output, while Gunbreaker remains consistently strong throughout the expansion. Considering all these factors, Dark Knight and Gunbreaker receive a mild nod over Paladin.


Caster Jobs

The caster jobs have some interesting developments in this tier. Black Mage received significant buffs and currently tops nearly every damage chart. It particularly shines in the second Savage fight, where one player dominates the field. Black Mage is an excellent choice if you have confidence in your skills, positioning, and timing. Red Mage and other casters need to catch up due to the significant disparity in damage output. 


However, Red Mage remains valuable for its procs and should be addressed. Red Mage is less flexible than Summoner in Endwalker, which requires some positional adjustments for your party. Considering the number of parsers and Red Mage's slightly lower damage output, Summoner takes an A rank while Red Mage receives an A-. Due to their unbeatable ability to raise fallen party members, both Summoner and Red Mage receive a half-tier boost.


Ranged Physicals

Ranged physical jobs follow a similar pattern but with some variations. Machinist, which previously held a lower position, has been buffed by Square Enix but needs to be more scalable compared to other jobs. Despite this, Machinist still performs well. Dancers and Bard are very close in terms of performance, with the top dancers outperforming the best bards. However, the median performance of both jobs is quite the opposite. 


These jobs offer flexibility, support, and unique benefits to the party. Their mobility and rotational flexibility are unmatched, making them a solid choice for fresh content. Considering these factors, all three ranged physical jobs are placed in the A tier, even though they are outperformed by the melee jobs.


Melee Jobs

The melee jobs present an interesting dynamic, with differences arising from raid encounter designs. Currently, MCH and Reaper have a slight advantage over Dragoon and Ninja, as evidenced by the clear parties for the last boss's second phase. However, you can choose any melee job based on personal preference. Reaper and Monk offer utilities for the entire party, while Dragoon and Ninja excel individually. 


Considering the top no-healer clear featuring a Reaper and Monk, these jobs receive an S tier. Dragoon and Ninja receive an A+ ranking. Samurai, known for its chart-topping damage output, is an excellent choice for maximizing personal DPS. It is recommended to play Samurai with or without Chitin. Personal preferences may differ, but Samurai deserves a place in the S tier.


Healing Jobs

Healing jobs offer a different perspective, with shields becoming necessary for surviving mechanics and showcasing immense power against them. Currently, two shield healers and two hot healers are preferred in raid encounters. Sage received significant buffs and non-linear scaling adjustments, making it a chart-topper. While healing charts are not as crucial as DPS charts, winning in both healing and damage categories is an indication of Sage's strength. 


However, other healing jobs are still played more frequently, with White Mage leading the pack. White Mage's simplicity and effectiveness in healing, as well as the redesigned Lily system, make it a popular choice. Scholar retains the Sprint trick utility, and Astrologian's Stargen formula provides solid tank healing. Ultimately, the choice among healing jobs is up to personal preference. Sage receives an S tier, while the others fall below the A+ tier.


FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.4 Tier List Image


Closing Thoughts

Keep in mind that this tier list is subjective, and playing the job you enjoy the most should always be your priority. Balancing in Endwalker is commendable, even though some players might argue that it was slightly better in previous patches. Square Enix has worked diligently to ensure fair balancing. Remember, in previous expansions, Summoners sometimes outperformed Black Mages in terms of damage. We are far from such scenarios now. Square Enix has done an excellent job overall. Your opinions and personal rankings are valuable, so feel free to share them in the comment section. 

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