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24 Jun
5 / 5

Absolutely love the Gold service from LOLTANK. DND is now my favorite.

23 Jun
3 / 5

Expected more from LOLTANK's Gold service for Dark and Darker, but it's still decent.

20 Jun
5 / 5

LOLTANK really spices up Dark and Darker with their Gold service. A must-try!

19 Jun
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LOLTANK's DND service is a total win. Makes gaming so much more enjoyable.

19 Jun
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I'm extremely satisfied with the service for Dark and Darker. It's been a fantastic addition.

18 Jun
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LOLTANK has made Dark and Darker my go-to game with their Gold service. Can't get enough!

What is Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker is ideal for those who are interested in strategy, skill and unpredictability elements. As a fantasy game, it is both PvE and PVP which gives the game an edge that is ever changing | Now in Alpha Test stage.


The main gameplay features are dungeons to explore, enemies to kill and other players to outsmart. Gear must be managed carefully (when you die in a dungeon, it's gone for good). The timing of combat matters making it especially important when fighting face-to-face.


Choose between six classes: Fighters (can do anything), Barbarians (absorbs damage), Rogues (sneaky), Rangers (shoot straight), Wizards (cast spells) and Clerics (heal HP). All classes have unique ways of playing them.

What is Dark and Darker Gold?

In Dark and Darker there are four currency types: Gold Coins / Silver Coins / Event Currency / Adventure Currency. Gold & Silver Coins are common place necessities; Event Currency unlocks items not available otherwise; Adventure Currency is the reward from dungeon adventures. To have an enjoyable gaming experience one must carefully control these currencies. Learning how to earn each one of them as well as spend them is the key to success.


How to Farming Gold coins

For all intents and purposes, gold is the life blood of any economy in Dark and Darker. 

Below we'll describe how you can farm them:

Monsters: These drop some gold by defeating every monster.

Fights Against PvP Players: More gold coins for winning against other players.

Chest Opening: Keep opening chests – they might contain mini troves of gold coins.

Looting: Roaming the land sometimes brings you loot including gold coins.

Leaving the Dungeon: Make your way out alive.

Merchants: Most merchants accept gold coins as payment for their goods.

Player Trades: This currency functions perfectly as player trades' object.


Silver Coins

Like jewels, silver coins are rare discoveries. Not everyone finds this currency. They are not as easy to find as gold, but in some cases you can find them while exploring. Go to the Treasurer (1x Gold Coins = 3 Silver Coins).


Event Currency

Have you ever been to a VIP party? That's exactly how Event Currency feels during a special event in Dark and Darker. Sometimes earned as rare drops, during special events only. These are exchanged for exclusive and high-quality items at Event Merchant during events. It is highly sought after by players with extensive trades.


Adventure Currency

Lastly, Adventure Currencies are all about your daring escapades in dungeons. It shows that you were brave enough and had enough skills of exploration to go down there. The amount of it you collect depends on how much time you spend inside these dungeons. To keep what you've got, you have to make it out of the dungeon alive. What you've gathered will be lost once you fall in battle.

About LOLTANK Dark and Darker Gold

Why Should You Buy from LOLTANK?

In the world of Dark and Darker, having lots of Gold can be the difference between success or failure. This is where LOLTANK comes into play. Why choose us for your Gold needs? There are many reasons for this.


Gold From Real Players

It is not just any virtual currency – our gold has been obtained by real players who then sell it through this site creating a trusted channel for purchase.


Speedy Delivery

Every second counts especially when playing games hence we deliver within 5-30 minutes after receiving payment confirmation without any delay; this means that players don't need to wait for resources while undergoing their adventures in Dark and Darker.


Reputation That Speaks Volumes

Dark and Darker has a long history of happy customers. We have been in the MMO business for nearly ten years, and we have a reputation built upon trust and satisfaction. If we say that we are transparent, it is because we are. Our transparent process includes in-game meetups and real-time proof of your Gold.


Fair Pricing, Fair Practices

We may not offer the cheapest prices but that does not mean we are not the most reliable. For those who have to wait for their Gold, they will be informed earlier than anyone else. Besides, if prices decrease while you are waiting, our charges become lower too. All is fair.


Discreet and Secure Delivery

Your security matters most as well as privacy. Our priority during in-game delivery is discreetness. We suggest trade window item exchange to ensure a fair and safe deal.


Refund Policy for Peace of Mind

Life happens, so do gaming needs. Our refund policy is plain – if you require it before delivery, you'll get it without any hassles at all.

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