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Dark and Darker Rogue Guide: How to become the best stalker on the field?

Welcome to the comprehensive Dark and Darker Rogue guide. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out in the game, this guide will help you understand how to play the Rogue effectively in both solo and team situations. While the game's mechanics may have evolved since the time of creating this guide, the fundamentals of the Rogue class remain consistent. We'll cover various play styles, build recommendations, solo and team strategies, perks, skills, and essential gameplay tips. Let's dive in!



Dark and Darker Rogue Guide: How to become the best stalker on the field?


Rogue PlayStyles

The Rogue class offers two primary playstyles: stealth and DPS (damage per second). Understanding which path to follow depends on your skill level, gear, and personal preferences.

  • Stealthy Rogue: This play style revolves around staying hidden, collecting wealth, and generally avoiding direct confrontations. Stealthy Rogues use their ability to turn invisible to slip by enemies, collect loot, and gain an economic advantage.
  • DPS Rogue: The DPS Rogue focuses on taking the fight to the enemy. They prioritize dealing damage and engaging in combat, aiming to eliminate opponents quickly. Even DPS Rogues use stealth, but their primary objective is not to stay hidden but to eliminate threats.


Your choice of play style will depend on several factors, including your character's skills, perks, and the gear available to you. Additionally, your personal preferences and playstyle as a gamer can greatly influence your approach as a Rogue.


Strengths & Weaknesses

Pros Cons
  • Fastest class with high speed and DPS.
  • Lockpick Expert perk for unlimited lockpicking.
  • Skilled at detecting and disabling traps.
  • Extended Hide skill for evasion and ambushes.
  • Strong Damage Over Time abilities.
  • Limited melee reach without Rapier.
  • Low health requires careful decision-making.
  • Restricted to leather and cloth armor.
  • Low Will and Knowledge mean weaker Magic Resistance, shorter buffs, longer debuffs, and slower Escape Portal opening.
  • Limited ranged options without Hand Crossbow Mastery perk.


Rogue Builds

Your Rogue build depends on your playstyle and the gear available. Here's a breakdown of the two main build types:

  • Stealth Build: If you're opting for stealth, your goal is to be invisible and elusive. Key perks for this build include Creep to reduce footstep sounds, Stealth to increase the duration of your invisibility, Hidden Pockets to hide your visible potions, and Hide for essential invisibility. Smoke Bomb can help you escape tight spots or confuse enemies.
  • DPS Build: For a DPS Rogue, prioritize perks like Backstab for extra damage when attacking from behind, Poisoned Weapon for applying poison damage, Combo for bonus damage after leaving stealth, and Stealth for strategic positioning. Skills like Hide and Weak Point Attack are still valuable for this build.


Skills and Perks

The Rogue's success is heavily dependent on the combination of skills and perks you choose. Let's discuss these in detail:


Stealthy Rogue Skills and Perks:

  • Hide (Skill): Regardless of your chosen playstyle, Hide is a crucial skill for all Rogues. It allows you to become invisible, rendering you undetectable by enemies. However, you're revealed when you attack or take action. Combining Hide with certain perks can increase its effectiveness.
  • Creep (Perk): Creep reduces the sound of your footsteps while moving while walking or crouching, making it easier to move quietly. This is a valuable perk for staying undetected.
  • Stealth (Perk): This perk lets you move ten steps while crouching or slow walking and still remain invisible after the tenth step. It's incredibly useful for stealthy gameplay, allowing you to slip past foes effectively.
  • Hidden Pockets (Perk): Hidden Pockets ensures that potions and items on your waist don't appear, making it easier for you to remain hidden. This can be instrumental in avoiding detection.
  • Pickpocket (Perk): While not always practical, Pickpocket can be a fun addition to your stealth arsenal. You can attempt to steal from other players, potentially creating amusing scenarios.
  • Trap Detection (Perk): Trap Detection helps you highlight Ranger traps. It might not be a top priority, but it can save your life in certain situations.


DPS Rogue Skills and Perks:

  • Backstab (Perk): Backstab allows you to deal 30% more damage when attacking an enemy from behind. This is a must-have perk for DPS Rogues, as it significantly enhances your damage output.
  • Poisoned Weapon (Perk): A successful attack applies poison, dealing four magic damage over four seconds. This boosts your damage over time, making it a great addition to your DPS build.
  • Combo (Perk): Combo enhances your initial attack after being released from stealth, dealing an extra 50% weapon damage as damage. Combining this with Backstab can lead to devastating damage when you initiate an attack.
  • Dagger Expert (Perk): Dagger Expert increases your physical damage bonus by 5% when attacking with a dagger. This is crucial for increasing your damage output.
  • Stealth (Perk): Even for DPS Rogues, having the Stealth perk can be beneficial, as it allows you to set up ambushes and engage enemies strategically.



When it comes to gear, Rogues should aim for agility, strength, and gear that enhances your movement speed. Light Foot Boots are particularly useful, as they boost your already impressive movement speed. Keep an eye out for items with these attributes to maximize your Rogue's potential.


Playstyle Strategies

Solo Rogue:

Playing as a solo Rogue requires patience and stealth. Here's how to approach it:

  • Stay hidden and let other players loot items.
  • Use your invisibility to sneak past enemies.
  • Avoid direct confrontations.
  • Gather loot and utilize potions to stay alive when necessary.
  • Choose your moments to engage, prioritizing your safety.


Team Rogue:

In a team setting, your role as a Rogue may vary, but the general strategy remains:

  • Coordinate with your team to make the most of your abilities.
  • Use your stealth to set up ambushes and initiate attacks.
  • Prioritize high-value targets in the enemy team.
  • Create chaos and confusion to disrupt the enemy's plans.
  • If you're part of a team, consider a mix of DPS and stealth abilities to maximize your contributions.


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The Rogue class in Dark and Darker offers exciting gameplay opportunities, whether you prefer stealth or combat. Your choice of skills, perks, and gear can drastically affect your effectiveness in the game. Ultimately, the key to success as a Rogue is mastering the art of surprise, both for your enemies and for yourself. Whether you choose to play solo or as part of a team, adapt your strategies, and build to the situation, and always aim to maximize your strengths as a Rogue. Good luck, and may your daggers strike true!

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