How Does LOLTANK Ensure Safe Trading?

LOLTANK understand that the safety and security of our users, both buyers, and sellers, are our top priority. That is why we have invested in TradeGuardian technology to provide a scam-free trading environment.


TradeGuardian is a powerful security screening process designed to protect payments between buyers and sellers with banking-level security and fraud prevention software. It ensures that every transaction is secure and that both parties are satisfied with it before the payment is released. Our users rate each other after every transaction, providing transparent feedback, which helps us to reward quality service and penalize unreliable traders.


To protect buyers from scams, we have implemented several measures. Firstly, we don't allow buyers to send payments directly to sellers. Instead, payments go to LOLTANK, where TradeGuardian secures it until the buyer confirms that the seller has delivered the product as described. Once confirmed, TradeGuardian releases the payment to the seller. Additionally, all game accounts purchased through LOLTANK undergo an inspection process, and we offer insurance packages for additional security. Our insurance protects buyers against the rare event that the game account gets reclaimed or suspended due to the actions of the seller. If this occurs, and LOLTANK cannot restore access to the undamaged game account, we will provide the buyer with a coupon in the amount of the insurance coverage to use towards a purchase on LOLTANK.


We also have measures in place to protect sellers from scams. TradeGuardian verifies the credentials and payments of trading partners, minimizing the risk of fraudulent buyers. In the unlikely event that a fraudulent buyer's payment passes through our fraud prevention system, LOLTANK takes full responsibility for handling the incident and covering any chargeback loss.


We strive to provide a secure and safe environment for our users. We are committed to ensuring that our users are protected from scammers and fraudsters. We believe that TradeGuardian technology, combined with our insurance policies, and transparent feedback system, ensures that buyers and sellers can trade with confidence. We are dedicated to providing a scam-free environment where everyone can enjoy their gaming experience.

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