How Does LOLTANK Ensure Safe Trading?

For online trading, LOLTANK values buyer and seller trust. That's why we've installed our TradeGuardian technology to make our trading environment as safe as can be.


We have secured each transaction using TradeGuardian and it is a complex process like the way security systems for banks work. We have kept everything in check. After every deal, we encourage users to leave feedback so that there is trust and openness on the site. This approach also punishes bad traders while rewarding honest ones.


TradeGuardian has allowed us to implement a policy that no longer allows sellers to receive direct payment. By holding funds through TradeGuardian on behalf of buyers, we ensure their payments are secure. In addition, all accounts sold via LOLTANK undergo rigorous screening prior to releasing funds. Besides this, there is an option for additional insurance.


In case of such things as account reclamation or suspension due to a seller's behavior, we respond. In case the account cannot be restored, the buyer receives a coupon which is equivalent to insurance coverage.


With TradeGuardian, sellers are equally protected. It has enabled us screen potential trade partners and verify their identities as well as payment modes; thus reducing number of scams they could encounter. There are some transactions that slip by our security measures for which LOLTANK takes full responsibility for frauds.


Security is not promised at LOLTANK but guaranteed. Through the application of TradeGuardian technology, comprehensive insurance covers and transparent statements made by patrons in our community, people are able to make deals with confidence and safety. The internet should be free from scams if gaming community is expected to flourish therefore we make efforts towards that direction.

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