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What is Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most popular MMORPGs. It has been a great choice for beginners as well as experienced players due to its completionism, alt-friendliness, map exploration and horizontal progression system. Although group content engagement and some of the monetization aspects could use some improvements, the game remains enjoyable. For those who are interested in finding a new MMO to play, Guild Wars 2 can be a good option.

What is Guild Wars 2 Gold?

GW2 Gold is one of the most important Currency. It is one type of Coins that can be used in different ways to improve your gaming experience such as through trading, shopping and fast travel. Because of its distinctiveness, like being sent by mail or trading for gems at any time in the game, it is an essential aspect of Guild Wars 2 game play.


The uses of gold in Guild wars 2

Trading: It enhances gaming experience by allowing players to trade it within the game.

Upgrading: It strengthens and fortifies your weapons and armor hence making them more effective if you got enough gold.

Creating: Selling your creations boosts crafting skills and gold reserves too.

Traveling: Traveling to far off places and fixing gear takes less time with gold.


How do I Farm GW2 Gold?

Farming Guild Wars 2 gold can be difficult when you are short on time. Here are some quick, low-effort strategies to make gold fast.


Jade Rune Stones

Use your mounts like Skyscale to move between these spots easily. Find the Echovald Wilds Jade Gate Waypoint in Cantha.


Alt Parking

If you don't use an alternate character (alt) frequently then park it at the end of a lucrative jumping puzzle like the new Cantha one. Use an inactive character to buy Jade Rune Stones then sell them every day by logging in with this alt.


Materials Gathering

Get materials that have good market value such as Rich Iron, Rich Platinum, Orichalcum, Flax Seeds, and Elder Wood from various parts of Tyria. Here are some specific locations:


Flax Seeds: Draconis Mons and Verdant Brink

Rich Iron: Brisbane Wildlands, Ruin Fields and Snowden Drifts.

Rich Platinum and Orichalcum: These resources appear in different spots around Timberline Falls, Mount Maelstrom, Iron Marches, Malchor's Leap & Desert Highlands.


Crafting and selling

Collect your materials, refine them then craft them into ascended materials since they sell for more. Look for the items that are worth more on the Trading Post and make sure you create and sell them accordingly.


Daily achievements

Complete daily achievements to earn two gold. Some of these can be done quickly and offer valuable rewards.

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