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Guild Wars 2 SotO New Weapons For Each Class Guide

Guild Wars 2 (GW2) players, get ready for a game changer in weaponry! These are not just some shiny trinkets we talk about with the latest Secrets of the Obscure (SotO) patch; each class has got a brand new spanking weapon yearning for some action. This guide will tackle through the haze of confusion to give you an overview of all these nine novelties as well as paying particular attention to the Warrior Staff.


Guild Wars 2 SotO New Weapons For Each Class Guide


First Impressions

The community is generally positive about this new set. There is something different here rather than the usual stuff we play. Everyone gets a twist from healing warriors to burning guardians. The skills icons? Just making things sweet!


Warrior Staff

Guild Wars 2 Warrior Staff

For those healers who would like a touch of warrior in their healing role, then Warrior staff proves to be one contender that would not be wish away easily. Here's what makes it different?

  • Burst Healing: This stick is more than just a stick; it’s a burst healing powerhouse which lets warriors support their teammates using strong healing skills.
  • Boon Bonanza: Are you prepared for our boon buffet? Fury Protection Aegis name them all to keep your team buffed and hardy!
  • Martial Animations: Thinking healers cannot be cool as other people do? With martial arts gracefulness mixed into its animations plus spellbreakeresque magical effects, staves bring out incredible look.
  • Adrenaline Management: In beta, adrenaline was always available but in release version it needs more tactics whereas Warriors should be skill-spam savvy enough in order to sustain burst mode and quickness.
  • Heal Berserker/Bladesworn: It keeps to the Warrior theme quite nicely even if you are using heal Berserker or dabbling in Bladesworn builds, which makes it an excellent complement for such playstyles.


Guardian Pistols

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Pistols

Guardian pistols offer a break from the monotony of axe-torch with conal damage. Here's why they're cool:

  • Condition Damage Delight: The main hand pistol coupled with off-hand torch can make wheelbender build condition 45k DPS-Take this!
  • Symbolic Shooting: This unique symbol skill is attached to the main hand pistol that adds more burn than ever when shooting. It might not be as flashy as other skills but it delivers high damage
  • Off-Hand Versatility: For those who play a condition firebrand, now have a second weapon set that is interestingly dynamic like what an Ele rotation would look like.
  • Jurisdiction Shot: On skill five, Novu has introduced a charged projectile which is innovative but may require some finesse during highly chaotic fights. Practice makes perfect!



Revenant Scepter

Guild Wars 2 Revenant Scepter

The Revenant Scepter comes in as the new choice of support weapons especially for heal quickness Harolds. Here's what you should know about it:

  • Supportive Skills: After mace nerfs affected blast finishers on mainhand mace, scepter becomes best boon generating weapon.
  • Unique Attacks: Has lightsaber-like auto attack with large range however targeting skills might take getting used to as selecting ally during combat could be difficult sometimes.
  • Building Muscle Memory: This gun's full potential can only be unlocked by mastering ally targeting. Practise.


Mesmer Rifler

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Rifler

The Mesmer Rifle may not be the best DPS weapon out there, but it is a game changer for those looking to snipe their way into healing. Here's what makes it special:

  • Healing Arsenal: Like the Warrior Staff, the Mesmer Rifle comes fully equipped with healing, barrier generation, boon distribution and crowd control capabilities.
  • Clone Management: Since beta clone generation has been updated ensuring boon availability for allies.
  • Heal Chronomancer Synergy: The rifle complements the heal Chronomancer playstyle beautifully and provides utility and tankiness reminiscent of raiding days.
  • Teleportation Tactics: The fifth skill offers strategic positioning options through one-way portal although finding the right moment to use it might take some experimentation.


Elementalist Pistol

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Pistol

The Elementalist's mainhand pistol is an interesting addition that focuses on condition damage. Similar to how complex the Elementalist's Hammer was, this pistol adds a mini-game aspect to it. Skill 2 and Skill 3 interact to load and discharge elemental bullets each granting unique bonus effects depending on sequence used.

  • Bullet Buffs: Watch your buff bar for these subtle icons. They are signals to unleash elemental havoc on your foes.
  • Mastering the Mini-Game: It takes practice but when mastered, its power as a pistol is formidable.
  • Visual Cues: We need clearer UI in this regard now though diligent attention-fixing this problem could help here now.


Necromancer Swords

Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Swords

Necromancers can wield swords in both hands now. These new weapons are visually stunning as well as satisfyingly fun to use.

  • Skill Synergy: Each sword skill unlocks a secondary ability that costs health but packs a punch.
  • Mobility vs Damage: Mainhand sword will excel at mobility, but it may lag behind the Dagger for damage.
  • Offhand Considerations: The offhand sword offers a slight damage advantage over the torch but no crowd control (CC) capabilities.
  • Fun Factor: Yet the simple joy of swinging these swords around might just outweigh any optimization concerns, even if there are potential damage trade-offs.


Ranger Maces

Guild Wars 2 Ranger Maces

The Ranger class has been blessed with a new main hand and off-hand weapon—the Jewel Maces. Initially met with skepticism, these maces have proven to be a game-changer, especially for healers. The main hand mace emerges as a formidable healing weapon, offering healing, regeneration and protection mix and crowd control (CC). Thus this makes it far better than traditional healer setups of staff or Axe/Warhorn.

  • Healing Regeneration: Adds to Heal Druid's already strong healing abilities.
  • Crowd Control: Helps to manage enemy movement and actions.
  • Nature Strength Buff: Your character is enlarged five times while getting bonus healing and damage.


Also for DPS lovers, dual wielding maces seem promising. Particularly entertaining is the fifth mace skill which allows players to go into their inner fury with ground pounding action. While the DPS potential remains somewhat untested, the thrill of maximizing Nature Strength for a more powerful Soulbeast is undeniable.


Engineer Shortbow

Guild Wars 2 Engineer Shortbow

It was not a smooth start for Engineer Shortbow; however, improvements were made after beta. Issues about its slowness and unwieldiness have been addressed making it agile and responsive too. Now players can also obtain an interesting mechanic that allows them to chain AoE skills together in exchange for some defensive properties.

  • Old Meta: MH Mace OH Shield
  • Shortbow Pros: Superspeed, More Healing and Aegis
  • Shortbow Cons: No Permanent Vigor and Regeneration


The shortbow has tough competition from the mace/shield combo, but its unique utility makes it stand out. Nevertheless, it loses out in the points of permanent vigor and regeneration. This may improve with future updates once bugs are fixed that make med kit’s infusion bombs skill to provide these buffs.


Thief Axe

Guild Wars 2 Thief Axe

A thief class receives a main hand axe weapon that synergizes well with thief’s fast paced playstyle. Auto attack and second skill launch axes into the fray which can then be recalled for devastating impact with the third skill.

  • Pistol Offhand: Leans towards power damage
  • Dagger Offhand: Favors condition damage

This set a benchmark of Deadeye builds in Critical Strikes (CS) with potential damage outputs reaching 55k. However, mastering this rotation is not an easy task. It stems from handling sneak attacks using the Axe to maximize initiative gains and boosted damage from Maleficent Seven trait.


The Axe carries some promise and is fun while playing in open world situations (WS). However, players must master their moves in raids or strikes if they are to excel at these activities because they have a demanding rotation.


These new weapons in Guild Wars 2 do more than add functionality – they change how we play. There is something here for everyone whether you are healing as a warrior or immolating foes as a Guardian. Test your mettle with these new weapons and discover what depths they bring to your favorite classes.

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