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GW2 SotO Best PvE Build Guide for New Weapons in Each Class

Guild Wars 2 realm has opened the door wider via the Secrets of the Obscure (SotO) update that also brought in a number of new weaponry for each class. A fresh air comes to those who are brawny warriors or cunning thieves. Don't worry about the unknown; we have a guide for you to go through these tools of havoc (or salvation) as you roam around open world.


GW2 SotO Best PvE Build Guide for New Weapons in Each Class


1. Warrior Staff Build

Warrior Staff Build Talent

The Warrior staff is an amazing combination of mobility and healing on the battlefield. Here is a brief summary:

  • Traits: Grandmaster alacrity or full damage sustain alternatives.
  • Critical Chance: Arms trait gives 100% crit during Dragon Slash.
  • Gear: Crusader stats (balanced power/survivability) or Valkyrie/Dragons/Harrier depending on preference.
  • Playstyle: Staff for heals, gunblade abilities for damages alternating.


2. Guardian Pistols Build

Guardian Pistols Build Talent

Guardians now can use dual pistols which are ideal for condition-based builds. Here is how you can make the best out of this flaming addition:

  • Weapon Combo: Torch and pistols together ensure constant output of conditions.
  • Specialization: Celestial/Viper's Willbender adds mobility.
  • Tactics: Use pistol skills strategically so as to inflict maximum burning effect.
  • Playstyle: Get close when necessary and enjoy burning mayhem thereafter.


3. Revenant Scepter Build

Revenant Scepter Build Talent

The Revenant scepter seems niche but it excels in support build thus giving more room for thrill:

  • Specialization: Herald's auto-attacks and Jalis' Hammers.
  • Damage: Full Berserker gear to maximize cleave damage.
  • Playstyle: Wide cleave on the auto attack while maintaining quickness for no interruptions.


4. Ranger Maces Build

Ranger Maces Build Talent

Ranger maces offer an exciting level of crowd control and support potential:

  • Specialization: Druid for support or Soulbeast for damage.
  • Mechanic: Big moded mace gives increased damage.
  • Gear: Full Berserker to capitalize on damage modifiers.
  • Playstyle: Pre-cast damage modifiers before entering big mode and focus on high-damage skills.


5. Engineer Shortbow Build

Engineer Shortbow Build Talent

Therefore, Engineer shortbow might not be a powerhouse but it is packed with utility:

  • Specialization: Scrapper healing focused.
  • Healing: Traits that share your healing hence maximizing the healing capabilities.
  • Gear: Max Support – full Minstrels set
  • Playstyle: heal & protect by using water fields/blast finishers


6. Thief Axe Build

Thief Axe Build Talent

The Thief's axe introduces a playstyle reminiscent of Mesmer clone management:

  • Specialization: Deadeye (infinite initiative though currently bugged.)
  • Gear: Celestial stats balanced survivability/damage wise.
  • Playstyle: Manage spinning axes and utilize dagger offhand for condition damage while staying close to your target.


7. Necromancer Swords Build

Necromancer Swords Build Talent

Necromancers get swords that offer both damage and self-healing:

  • Specialization: Harbinger health management emphasized.
  • Gear: Marauder or Dragon equipment for health scaling.
  • Playstyle: Leverage leaps for mobility and use sword skills strategically before entering shroud.


8. Mesmer Rifle Build

Mesmer Rifle Build Talent

The Mesmer rifle is perfect for support builds but can also be utilized for damage:

  • Specialization: Chronomancer with a focus on illusions and stuns.
  • Gear: Berserker stats for damage or switch to domination for even more punch.
  • Playstyle: Summon rifle phantasms within Continuum Rifts and follow up with Greatsword or utility phantasms.


9. Elementalist Pistol Build

Elementalist Pistol Build Talent

The Elementalist pistol replaces the scepter as a ranged condition weapon:

  • Specialization: Catalyst with an emphasis on combos and disables.
  • Gear: Celestial stats to benefit from every stat type.
  • Rotation: Follow a set rotation across attunements to maximize damage output.


These builds offer a starting point to enjoy the new content immediately. As the meta evolves, stay tuned to for updates on optimized builds

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