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Guild Wars 2 Gem Store Best Items Tier List

Are you ready to jump into the treasure trove that is the Guild Wars 2 Gem Store? If you're looking to make life in your game a little easier (or flashier), then you've landed just about right. We have spent more gems than we care to remember, so we will tell you about it all – both wise spending and moments of regret. So brace yourself for a flying tour of best and worst things at Gem Store!



Guild Wars 2 Gem Store Best Items Tier List



GW2 Gem Store Tier S Best Items

  • Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic: For sorting out inventory, this tiny thing ((the phrase)) is like god-sent. You can get unlimited number of salvage kits without needing any others. They work like endless stockpile of normal salvage kits only costing some pence each use. This definitely belongs to category S.
  • Shared Inventory Slots: What convenience! Just put Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic or other essentials into it and play with them from all your characters. It's like a fast lane at a supermarket – once tried there’s no turning back.
  • Living World Seasons: These seasons are everything when it comes to content! New maps, stories and juicy rewards is what they provide. Seasons three four Icebrood Saga? Chef's kiss! It is almost like mini expansions.
  • Lounge Passes: Who needs to be treat as VIP yet cannot afford VIP prices? There isn't better way than having Mistlock Sanctuary and Armistice Bastion passes that offer access to everything under one roof. They are not only convenient but a life style.



GW2 Gem Store Tier A Best Items

  • Infinite Gathering Tools: No need ever worry about sickles, axes or mining picks again. In other words they are once bought and forever needed. For guys who do a lot of gathering, this is a must.
  • Character Slots: More characters equals more fun (and also extra storage). If you are an alt-aholic like myself then these slots are priceless.
  • Bank Expansions: GW2 starts you off with a bank no bigger than a joke. It's like moving from the size of small room to your own mansion. Just trust me – all this space will be handy.
  • Storage Expanders: Are you such an accumulating person? Then this is the key for you to not play inventory chess and still accommodate complete crafting materials. You will breathe fresh air when you first increase it.



GW2 Gem Store Tier B Best Items

  • Bag Expansions: These are nice on your main character but they get old when played as alts. The need for these can be reduced by constantly keeping your inventory clean.
  • Equipment Templates: Do you love playing different builds with one character? This is for you. Change gear sets without delving into inventory management.
  • Build Templates: A bit overpriced for what they offer but if you totally enjoy swapping builds a lot without manual changes, here's something useful.



GW2 Gem Store Tier C Best Items

  • Build Storage: Storing builds sounds good until one realizes that it can simply be done by using any text file. Save those gems for shinier things.
  • Additional Crafting License: Unless there's another crafting profession on your chief toon that has to be leveled up immediately, it's an expensive luxury not needed by many people.



GW2 Gem Store Tier D Best Items

  • Single-Use Items: These include Black Lion Keys and various boosters among others. For most cases, they may not really worth the gems since they disappear after being used once in general terms.
  • Skins: Their subjective and do not change the gaming. But if you're all about fashion, by any means. Otherwise, put functional items first.
  • Home Instance Nodes: It takes ages to pay off the materials' gem cost. If you are not a completionist or have gems burning a hole in your pocket, stay away from them.
  • Level 80 Boost: With tomes of knowledge and other speedy leveling methods available, this boost feels like an overpriced shortcut for impatient people.
  • Waypoint Unlock & Hero Point Scroll: Exploring is half the fun in GW2, and these items take that away while also being unnecessary with mounts and easy hero point challenges available.


And that is how it looks like! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced adventurer in Tyria, We hope this tier list helps you navigate the Gem Store's vast offerings. Remember at the end of the day it’s your game experience – invest in what makes it enjoyable for you!

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