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Guild Wars 2 Gem Store: Top 5 Essential Rules For Smart Purchase

Welcome, adventurers! In this guide, we will explore five essential rules to follow when making purchases in the Gem Store of Guild Wars 2. While many tier lists by content creators exist, this guide aims to provide you with context and knowledge to help you make informed decisions about buying gw2 items in the Gem Store. So, let's dive in and discover how to get the most value for your gems!



Guild Wars 2 Gem Store: Top 5 Essential Rules For Smart Purchase


 Rule 1. Patience Pays Off

One fundamental rule to remember is that most items in the Gem Store will eventually go on sale. If you can wait for a sale before making a purchase, you'll get more value for your gems. For example, the infinite Gathering tools, which normally cost around 3,000 gems for a full set, often go on a 20% discount. Waiting for a sale can save you 600 gems, allowing you to spend them on other desirable items.


Rule 2. Permanence vs. Consumable

Consider whether the item you're buying is permanent or consumable. Consumables, like certain boosters, provide temporary buffs for a limited time, such as two hours. Once the duration expires, you'll need to purchase them again to regain the benefits. Instead, opt for permanent alternatives when possible. For instance, the Candy Corn Gobbler offers the same buffs as boosters but costs only 300 gems, providing a permanent solution. Similarly, leveling a character through gameplay can be more cost-effective than using a level 80 boost.


Rule 3. Research Before You Buy

It's always worthwhile to do a little research before spending your gems. Some Gem Store items can be obtained in-game for free. For example, the Infinite Gathering tools are available from the Black Lion Statuette vendor for 45 statuettes each, which you can obtain by opening Black Lion Chests. Fortunately, there are ways to acquire Black Lion Keys for free, such as running the level 10 personal story chapter once a week or completing map exploration for transmutation charges or Black Lion Keys. By researching, you may find alternative methods to acquire desired items without spending gems.


Rule 4. Know Yourself and Your Preferences

Understanding your playstyle and preferences is crucial when evaluating the value of Gem Store items. Consider how you engage with the game. Are you primarily focused on a single character, or do you enjoy playing multiple characters? This distinction affects the worth of certain unlocks. For instance, players who dedicate most of their time to a single character may benefit from additional bag slots, while players who frequently switch between characters may not find them as essential. Similarly, gear and build slots hold different values based on how you use your characters.


Rule 5. Align Purchases with Enjoyment

Lastly, be honest with yourself about what brings you enjoyment. Gem Store purchases should enhance your experience and align with your preferred activities. For example, if you find gathering resources tedious, investing in infinite Gathering tools may not be worth it. However, if you enjoy exploring the open world and gathering materials, these tools can significantly improve your quality of life. Consider your own interests and playstyle before making a purchase.


Bonus Rule: Your Choices Matter

Lastly, don't let anyone dictate what you should or shouldn't buy. The Gem Store offers a variety of items, from cosmetic skins to gameplay-enhancing unlocks. Whether you want to ride a mount with a cool skin or unlock additional content through Living World seasons, the choice is yours. Embrace your personal preferences and make purchases that bring you joy.



These 5 rules will help you navigate the Gem Store in Guild Wars 2. Remember to be patient, consider permanence versus consumables, research alternative acquisition methods, understand your playstyle, and prioritize your enjoyment. By following these guidelines, you can make informed decisions and get the most out of your gem purchases. 

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