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Guild Wars 2 Latest Gold Making Opportunities and Updates | Secrets of the Obscure

We've got an update that'll make your jaws drop - Secrets of the Obscure. And it's not just about new adventures too. This is like a minefield for gold-making maniacs. The Trading Post is going to be your battle arena for wealth! We can't wait to see your coin purse burst at the seams!


Guild Wars 2 Latest Gold Making Opportunities and Updates | Secrets of the Obscure


Wizard's Vault

Wait till you hear about this Wizard's Vault refresh. It's more than just buying items you didn't think you'd need but turns out it was worth it, y'know? Watch out for the Legendary Start Kit.


If that thing comes back on sale again, expect a little wobble on Generation 1 Legendary prices. Also, don't forget about Mystic Coins! They're a limited-time item and early birds are waiting outside right now just to snag them all so they can sell at a high price later.


Crafting Materials

Are you a crafter? You better be celebrating because the demand for bones, fangs, dust etc is looking wild! With the new Obsidian Armor fast approaching, everyone will be rushing to grab those essentials before another player does - and sells them at double or triple markup value! Also Globs of Ectoplasm—these babies are skyrocketing in value too so make sure you farm unidentifiable gear as much as possible.


Crafting Material Checklist:

  • Gifts of Blood
  • Fangs
  • Bones
  • Dust
  • Globs of Ectoplasm


Volatile Magic Farming

You might wanna learn how to kiss up Volatile Magic because it's going to be your BFF. Exchange it for trophy shipments that are packed with valuable and rare materials. Mining Eternal Ice in Bjora Marches and completing IBS strikes are good strategies but they have daily caps. If you want more, go to Living World Season 4 maps to mine map-specific nodes instead. You might have to spend a little bit of gold though, Glyph of Volatility goes for 400g each, yikes!


Farming Tips:

  • Mine Eternal Ice and complete IBS strikes daily.
  • Harvest map-specific nodes in Living World Season 4 maps.
  • Consider investing in a Glyph of Volatility or limited-use tools from heart vendors or quartermasters.


Rift Farming

We're not doing Rift farming just for essences anymore - Unstable Motivations are the real deal now! It's prices have skyrocketed so if you're still at Tier 2 and 3 Rift runs, don't back down just yet! Gather those valuable items while you can because some players use them as a bypass when it comes to Rift farming altogether.


Rift Farming Strategy:

  • Join groups farming Tier 2 or 3 Rifts for Unstable Motivations.
  • Monitor market prices to sell at peak value.


Weapon Skins

We don't need to tell you this right? But weapon skirts is where it's at! Remember when that teaser got everyone going bonkers about necromancer swords? Yeah, we're trying to milk that same energy here. Keep an eye on Arenanet's teasers and updates because they might be hinting what the next most wanted skin will be. If you think you've got a keen fashion sense then this could be your lucky week!


Weapon Skins Watchlist:

  • Stay updated with Arenerat teasers for potential hints on valuable skins.
  • Monitor player trends and market responses to new updates.


The economy of Guild Wars 2 can be as complicated and chaotic as its battles, but with these tricks of the trade, you'll be raking in gold faster than any Tyrian legend. Just remember, timing is key. You'll want to buy low and sell high, but never at the cost of your own bank account. 

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