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Guild Wars 2 Ultimate Gold Farm: Fractals Guide

Do you want to make a lot of money in Guild Wars 2? Here is your ultimate guide into the lucrative world of Fractals in Guild Wars 2. Find out how to farm gold effectively at all levels and learn more about all fractals which are totalizing twenty-two in number.


Guild Wars 2 Ultimate Gold Farm: Fractals Guide


What Are Fractals?

Fractals are five-player short dungeon crawls that pack a punch in both fun and profit. There are 22 different fractals, each with unique properties and challenges. Daily, there are three daily fractals that give you plenty of gold and goodies.


Tier Talk: Climbing the Fractal Ladder

Fractals have four tiers ranging from Tier 1 for beginners to Tier 4 where gold flows like Elonian wine. As you gear up and develop your skills, you will progress through these tiers unlocking better rewards as you go along.


Daily Grind

Each tier has 25 fractals (with some repeats because math is hard), but it's all about the dailies. Doing Tier 4 dailies can net you a cool 20 gold in under 30 minutes – talk about efficient! Besides, if you're way up on the hero list, your work here will earn not only what is available at this level but also for lower ones too. It's an extra toy on one side included in a happy meal.


Recommended Reads

Apart from those daily recommended ones, there exist recommended fractals for each tier as well. They may not be as profitable; however they award huge potions that allow one to go big league style. Hey, just run by the potion seller for some potion vacation when feeling lazy.


Getting Started

Tier 1 is like the kiddie pool – everyone's learning to swim. Dive into the Looking For Group (LFG), find a Tier 1 party, and go for it from Lion's Arch. Don't worry, nobody will judge.


Loot Breakdown

You'll be drowning in loot after each fractal. Look out for fractal encryptions – you can either sell them for gold or open them up for extra treasure. Pro tip: quickly sell any junk items to merchants.



The higher you go the more likely that instabilities will add random modifiers onto your plate just to make things interesting. They are like those unexpected visitants of a surprise party: sometimes fun, sometimes unwanted.


Climbing Essentials

To do battle in higher tiers you need Agony Resistance (AR). Starting at Fractal 20, Agony damage becomes a thing, and without AR, it's instant game over. Ascended gear is AR land for you while upping rings is like mounting premium tires on your gold farming machine.


Building Your Arsenal

Start off with ascended trinkets for easy AR before moving on to weapons and armor. For all the details about what gear you should get, check gear guide now!


Team Dynamics

For high level play, having team comp synergy is important. Make sure there is someone who can heal everyone as well as people providing Boon DPS so as not to miss any buffs around the group. There are loads of references like or which have some build ideas.


Fractal Rundown

  • Volcanic: hurl stones at shields and avoid rocks.
  • Uncategorized: leap over obstacles and defeat golems.
  • Snowblind: ignite fires and battle an icy enemy.
  • Urban Battlegrounds: siege warfare with a twist of history.
  • Swamp: marsh plant avoidance and collecting wisps.
  • Aquatic Ruins: underwater fun with jellyfish jousting.
  • Cliffside: hammer time – bust those seals!
  • Underground Facility: pressure sensors, mines carrying (is this phrase right? ).
  • Molten Furnace: tunnel crawling in order to take down the core.
  • Molten Boss: drop that bridge, it's time for some boss brawling!
  • Deepstone: spiders (no!), then simple light puzzles.
  • Siren's Reef: pirate adventures featuring cannon-shooting.
  • Chaos: The mixed tape of old fractals plus more chaos.


Take a deep breath if you feel too overwhelmed. Tier 1 is very cool and you will get it fast.

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