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How to earn gold through unique currencies and resources in Living World Season 3 | GW2?

Living World Season 3 in Guild Wars 2 offers various opportunities to earn gold through its unique currencies and resources. In this guide, we'll explore how you can maximize your gw2 gold income by making the most of Living World Season 3 currencies. Additionally, we'll provide an update on ascended crafting materials. These resources can be valuable, but with the right strategies, you can convert them into gold effectively.


How to earn gold through unique currencies and resources in  Living World Season 3 | GW2?


Map Exclusive Resources

Each Living World Season 3 map features exclusive resources that you can gather. These resources typically yield Dragonite, Empyreal Fragment, or piles of Bloodstone Dust. While these materials are frequently used for crafting ascended trinkets, it's essential to note that they can also be turned into gold.


Unique Ascended Trinkets

In Bloodstone Fen, you have the opportunity to purchase unique ascended trinkets from Bloodstone Fen vendors. These trinkets come with a special feature - you can reset their stats by spending 100 Unbound Magic on a Bloodstone Capacitor. This feature is particularly useful if you frequently switch between different character builds. Other ascended trinkets have stat resets as well, but we'll focus on Bloodstone Fen trinkets in this guide.


Converting Currencies to Gold

You can convert the various Living World Season 3 currencies into gold through different methods:


  • Unbound Magic: Winter Berries and Oriharu Pearls can be consumed for Unbound Magic, averaging 19 Unbound Magic per item. The other four resources yield 38 Unbound Magic per item.
  • Magic-Warped Bundles: Purchase Magic-Warped Bundles with Unbound Magic from different map vendors. The best deal is from the Ember Bay vendor, costing 1,250 Unbound Magic and 40 Silver. This bundle provides tier 6 crafting materials and a rare chance at a Mystic Clover.
  • Salvaging Ascended Trinkets: In maps that sell ascended necklaces, consider buying them and salvaging with an ascended salvaging tool. Profit mainly comes from Salvage Essences and Stabilizing Matrices, but this option may not be suitable for everyone.


Winter Berries and Fire Orchid Blossoms

Instead of consuming Winter Berries, you can significantly increase your profit by crafting Steak with WinterBerry Sauce. To do this, buy the recipe from the Quaggan near the hot springs after completing the associated heart for 17,500 Karma. This dish can be sold on the Trading Post for 11 to 14 silver.


Similarly, you can gain more value from Fire Orchid Blossoms by using them for crafting Magnanimous Maintenance Oil. Each Fire Orchid Blossom is worth over 8 silver when used in this way. This oil requires 100 Bloodstone Dust, 5 Orchid Blossoms, and 3 Piles of Crystal Dust, and it can be sold for 14 to 18 silver each.


Tier 7 Ascended Crafting Materials

Tier 7 ascended crafting materials are valuable. The most efficient way to obtain them is by crafting recipes such as Magnanimous Tuning Crystals, Toxic Focusing Crystals, or Concentration Growth Others. However, keep an eye on market prices as they can fluctuate.


  • Magnanimous Tuning Crystals: These are currently more valuable than trading them in with the Gizmo. To craft them, you need Bloodstone Dust, Crystalline Dust, and Fire Orchid Blossoms.
  • Toxic Focusing Crystals: These are profitable and require Imperial Fragments. You can farm the required materials, but they can also be bought with Karma.
  • Concentrated Growth Ethers: These are generally not worth crafting.



Earning gold in Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 3 requires careful consideration of how to maximize the value of its unique resources and currencies. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can efficiently convert these assets into gold, allowing you to enjoy a prosperous in-game experience. Stay tuned for future updates on Living World Season 4 and Icebrood Saga recipes to further enhance your gold-making potential. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask below, and don't forget to like and subscribe for more helpful guides.

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