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SWTOR Patch 7.3 Tier List & Ranking: High Damage, Surviability and Utility

In this guide, we will discuss the best DPS classes for PVP in Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 7.3. Please note that this tier list is based on the planned class changes for Patch 7.3, and it may still change before release. Additionally, the tier list focuses on damage, survivability, and utility. Remember, the purpose of the tier list is to provide insight into the classes that are currently stronger than others, but it does not restrict you from playing any class you enjoy. With that in mind, let's delve into the tier list!



SWTOR Patch 7.3 Tier List & Ranking: High Damage, Surviability and Utility



Starting with D-Tier, we have the Concealment Operative. Unfortunately, not much has changed for this class. Concealment Operative still struggles with uptime and has limited survivability. Its rating remains the same as the last tier list: 4 out of 10 for damage, 5 out of 8 for survivability, and 1 out of 5 for utility. With a total of 10 points, Concealment Operative sits at the bottom of the tier list.

SWOR Patch 7.3 Tier List & Ranking - Tier D



Starting off in C-Tier, we have the Marksmanship Sniper. This spec struggles with damage output and relies heavily on white damage, which is not ideal in a tank-heavy meta. Its AOE potential is impressive but falls short due to the weakness of Signal Target. Overall, the damage rating for Marksmanship Sniper is 5 out of 10. However, the upcoming patch brings some buffs to the survivability side of the Sniper class.

SWOR Patch 7.3 Tier List & Ranking - Tier C

The addition of Re-establish Range as a baseline ability at level 43 and the new utility called Vital Regulators at level 64 provide benefits in terms of HP regeneration and damage reduction. This buff enhances the class's survivability, addressing a previous weakness. Consequently, the defensive rating for Sniper is increased to 6 out of 8 points, making it a challenging class to deal with in the next patch. With a total of 13 points, Marksmanship Sniper remains in the C-Tier.



Moving up to B-Tier, we have the Arsenal Mercenary. This spec receives buffs in the form of increased duration for High Velocity Supercharged Gas and the addition of Hunter-Killer Droid, which grants damage reduction while stunned. While these changes improve the class's survivability, its damage output still lags behind some other classes. The damage rating for Arsenal is 4 out of 10. However, defensively, the spec remains solid with a rating of 6 out of 8 points due to the stun damage reduction and existing defensive cooldowns. With a total of 14 out of 23 points, Arsenal Mercenary secures a spot in the B-Tier.

SWOR Patch 7.3 Tier List & Ranking - Tier B

Similarly, IO Mercenary receives the same buffs as Arsenal and has comparable performance. With a total of 14 out of 23 points, IO Mercenary also finds a place in the B-Tier.


Next, we have the Hatred Assassin in the B-Tier. Despite receiving nerfs to Inevitable Demise, the damage output remains strong with a rating of 8 out of 10. However, survivability is a challenge for this class, making it one of the weakest in terms of survivability. Overall, the Hatred Assassin accumulates 14 out of 23 points.


Vengeance Juggernaut, Annihilation Marauder, Virulence Sniper, and Deception Assassin all earn 15 points, solidifying their positions in the B-Tier. These specs have varying strengths and weaknesses, but overall, they are viable choices.


Carnage Marauder and Fury Marauder both face difficulties due to the current meta, which favors ranged and dot-based specs. While they are still strong in terms of single-target damage and survivability, their utility has suffered. With a total of 15 points, these specs occupy a place in the B-Tier.


Ranked slightly higher, Rage Juggernaut secures 16 out of 23 points in the B-Tier. It remains one of the best single-target specs but struggles against coordinated teams playing Madness Sorcerers. Despite its strength, it requires skillful play to compete with the ranged dot-heavy classes prevalent in the meta.


Finally, Engineering Sniper tops the B-Tier with 16 out of 23 points. It benefits from the same survivability buffs as Marksmanship and Virulence. Known for its exceptional burst damage, Engineering Sniper excels in single-target situations and counters melee classes effectively. Its AOE potential is also noteworthy. The spec's defensive capabilities and countermeasures make it challenging for melee classes to engage. If you prefer snipers, Engineering Sniper is worth considering.



At the bottom of the A-tier, we have the Lightning Sorcerer. In Patch 7.3, Lightning Sorcerer's single-target damage will be improved, although it will not be overpowered. The AOE build with Elemental Convection is still excellent and deals significant damage. With good survivability and strong utility, Lightning Sorcerer earns a total of 17 out of 23 points.

SWOR Patch 7.3 Tier List & Ranking - Tier A

Moving on, we have Advanced Prototype Powertech, which will still be a strong class in the next patch. While it loses the spammable hard stun, it gains the Terminator Droid ability, which can be powerful. AP Powertech receives a small damage buff and improved energy management. With good damage, decent survivability, and solid utility, AP Powertech earns a total of 18 out of 23 points.


Surprisingly, Pyrotech Powertech ranks higher than AP in this tier list. Pyrotech gains the Terminator Droid ability, making it challenging to kill for melee opponents. It also has a passive that reduces damage from damage over time effects. Pyrotech excels in damage, with both single-target and AOE capabilities. It offers strong utility with cooldown reduction, taunts, and a pull. With 19 out of 23 points, Pyrotech sits just below the S-tier.



At the bottom of the S-tier, we have Lethality Operative. Although Lethality will receive nerfs in Patch 7.3, it will still remain in the S-tier due to its excellent AOE damage potential. The single-target damage might suffer a bit, but overall, Lethality remains a strong DPS class. It has good survivability and earns a total of 20 out of 23 points.

SWOR Patch 7.3 Tier List & Ranking - Tier S

On top of the S-tier, we have Madness Sorcerer. Madness is currently the top-performing DPS spec in PvP. It offers excellent damage output in both single-target and AOE scenarios. Madness Sorcerer also boasts incredible survivability, with better damage reduction and self-healing capabilities than most other classes. It has high mobility, various crowd control options, and strong utility. Madness Sorcerer earns a total of 21 out of 23 points and is considered the best DPS class in Patch 7.3.



In Patch 7.3 of SWTOR, the best DPS classes for PvP are Madness Sorcerer, Lethality Operative, Pyrotech Powertech, and Advanced Prototype Powertech. These classes offer a combination of high damage output, survivability, and utility. While the tier list provides guidance, it's important to remember that you should play the class you enjoy the most and have fun. Keep in mind that the tier list is subject to change, and the final Patch 7.3 might bring further adjustments.

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