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SWTOR 7.3.1 PVP Best Tank and Heal Classes: Tier List and Ranking

Hello, fellow players of Star Wars: The Old Republic! In patch 7.3.1, PvP continues to evolve, and with it, the viability of various tank and healer classes. Today, we'll dive into a tier list that ranks these support roles to help you make an informed decision on your class selection for Warzones. Keep in mind that this tier list is designed for skank tank (hybrid damage and mitigation) builds, which are currently prevalent in PvP.



SWTOR 7.3.1 PVP Best Tank and Heal Classes: Tier List and Ranking



1. Powertech Tank (Shieldtech)

  • Damage (8/10): Powertech tanks offer impressive damage output, especially during Explosive Fuel's autocrit phase, making them a formidable threat. They also possess solid single-target damage with Payday.
  • Survivability (8/8): They excel in this department. With free absorb from Payday, strong defensive cooldowns, and additional damage reduction from their passive abilities, they are incredibly hard to kill.
  • Utility (5/5): Their utility is top-notch, featuring two grapples, Carbonize as the only AOE hard stun, Stealth Scan for an accuracy debuff, and Oil Slick for slowing and debuffing enemy accuracy.
  • Overall Rating: S Tier (21/23 points)


2. Juggernaut Tank (Immortal)

  • Damage (9/10): Juggernaut tanks offer the best overall DPS among tanks. Their single-target and cleave damage are impressive, making them a significant threat in ranged and melee matches.
  • Survivability (5/8): While they have decent passive mitigation, their defensive abilities have long cooldowns, making them vulnerable to tank tunnelling in the absence of these cooldowns.
  • Utility (4/5): Juggernaut tanks provide solid utility with two force stuns, Force Push, and Intervene for peeling. However, taking Intimidating Roar means losing Mad Dash, which reduces their mobility.
  • Overall Rating: A Tier (18/23 points)


3. Assassin Tank (Darkness)

  • Damage (7/10): Assassins offer solid AOE damage in group scenarios, but their single-target damage falls slightly short when compared to other tanks.
  • Survivability (3/8): They lack the same level of mitigation as Powertechs, and their defensive cooldowns aren't particularly effective in PvP. Force Cloak makes them excellent node defenders, but it's less useful in larger engagements.
  • Utility (3/5): Assassins have a cool-down reduction on Taunt, a pull, and a slow, which is decent utility but not as impactful as other tank classes.
  • Overall Rating: C Tier (13/23 points)



1. Bodyguard Mercenary

  • Healing Output (10/10): Bodyguard Mercenaries offer exceptional single-target and AOE healing. Their healing is easy to manage with Progressive Scan, Kolto Missile, and Kolto Shell. Splashing Shells talent makes them outstanding in AOE scenarios.
  • Survivability (8/8): They have a plethora of cooldowns, making them challenging for DPS to take down. Their tankiness is excellent, and they can absorb a lot of damage.
  • Utility (3/5): While their utility is good, it's not their primary focus. They have Concussion Missile for single-target CC, a knockback, and Electronet for peeling or securing kills.
  • Overall Rating: S Tier (21/23 points)


2. Corruption Sorcerer

  • Healing Output (8/10): Corruption Sorcerers offer solid healing, both in single-target and AOE scenarios. However, their AOE healing lags behind Bodyguards, especially in spread-out team situations.
  • Survivability (6/8): They are mobile and have strong defensive cooldowns in Force Barrier and Cloud Mind. Bubble Madness can be annoying against melee attackers, but they're not as tanky as Bodyguards.
  • Utility (5/5): Sorcerers provide excellent utility with a pull, an overload knockback route, and hard stuns, which are vital in PvP.
  • Overall Rating: A Tier (19/23 points)


3. Medicine Operative

  • Healing Output (7/10): Medicine Operatives offer great AOE healing with Probes, Nanotech, and Kolto Waves. However, their single-target healing is lacking, which can be a significant drawback in certain situations.
  • Survivability (2/8): Once Evasion is down, they are extremely vulnerable. They lack the same level of defensive cooldowns as other healers, making them a prime target for DPS players.
  • Utility (1/5): Their utility is limited, as they don't have access to important PvP abilities like a pull, a knockback, or hard stuns.
  • Overall Rating: D Tier (10/23 points)



In the current meta, damage is of paramount importance. Playing a full mitigation tank is not recommended. If you opt for this, you might want to consider moving all the tank specs down by one tier. Your choice of class should align with your playstyle and preferences. Keep in mind that this tier list reflects the state of the game in patch 7.3.1, and the meta may shift in future updates. 

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