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SWTOR Galactic Season 5: What Are the Rewards and Objectives?

Galactic Seasons in SWTOR allows you to complete daily and weekly objectives to earn rewards over the course of five months. Galactic Seasons are available to both free-to-play and subscribers at no additional cost, with subscribers having an additional reward track to gain cosmetic rewards. In this guide, we'll discuss Season 5, which will run until January 22nd, 2024. We will explain how Galactic Seasons work for new players and go over the new content and rewards from Season 5.


SWTOR Galactic Season 5: What Are the Rewards and Objectives?


How to Access Galactic Seasons?

  • To access Galactic Seasons, open the Galactic Seasons menu by rolling over the icon of a person in the main menu and choosing "Login and Seasons Rewards" from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Galactic Seasons panel, you can see your current level near the top left.
  • To advance to a new level in Galactic Seasons, you need eight Galactic Seasons points, which you can earn by completing objectives. You can view available objectives by clicking on the "Objectives" tab.


Earning Points

  • Some objectives are worth more points than others; click on an objective to see its point value.
  • Only the activities listed in the Seasons objectives tab count for Galactic Seasons points.
  • You can complete one daily objective per day and up to seven of the eleven weekly objectives per week.
  • As a subscriber, the daily objective (to earn 25,000 Conquest points) awards two points. Weekly objectives provide 8 to 12 points each. For free-to-play preferred players, it's 6 to 10 points per weekly objective.
  • If you complete the daily and maximum weekly objectives, you can earn 14 points per week as a subscriber, and 64 to 80 points, depending on which weekly objectives you choose.
  • You can earn bonus points for logging in four times within a week before the reset: 8 points for subscribers and 4 points for free-to-play and preferred players.


Galactic Seasons Level 100

To reach level 100 in Galactic Seasons and earn all the rewards, which totals 800 points, you can achieve it in about 10 weeks. This means you need to complete roughly half of the objectives available each week.


Season 5 Changes

Season 5 introduces several changes compared to previous Seasons:

  • No Companion Reward: Unlike previous Seasons, there is no companion reward available. Instead, the optional story is directly attached to items earned as rewards on the track.
  • New Story Unlocks: You can unlock the new story at levels 15 and 40 on the Galactic Seasons track via unlock items that you claim on the track.
  • Cosmetic Rewards: The Galactic Season 5 track, "Confidence in Power," offers a mix of cosmetic rewards, including a glowing red and black assault tank and a color-changing version of the tank based on your color crystal.
  • Other Rewards: Season 5 features two new armor sets, two new weapon sets, two new creature mounts (Armasaur), numerous personal decorations for your stronghold, a unique flaming trash can decoration, and the highly sought-after Loth cat pet at rank 89.
  • Cartel Packs and More: You'll also receive unsellable Ultimate Cartel Packs, Galactic Seasons tokens, tech fragments, new exclusive dyes, and, notably, an unsellable White and White Dye Module at rank 99, a valuable reward.


Reputation Track

As you play during Season 5, you'll notice that Season objectives and certain enemies drop a new currency called Dark Spores. This currency can be turned in for reputation with the Master's Top Secret Army faction. You can earn unique titles and a few achievements through reputation points.


To turn in Dark Spores for reputation, visit the collection box located on the fleet, even if your character hasn't met 3v1L, the story Droid. You can earn up to 5,000 reputation points per week. The number of reputation points earned per Spore depends on your subscriber status and any boosts you have.


Limited Time Achievements

Season 5 includes limited-time achievements:

  • Complete your Season track to rank 100.
  • Complete 100 weekly objectives during the season.
  • Complete your reputation track during the season.


If you achieve all three objectives, you'll receive the Empire Director armor set, a white recolor of one of the armor sets on the track. You'll also earn a Legacy title called True Power by completing 100 weekly Season objectives.


Season 5 Objectives

In Season 5, there are 11 different objectives each week to choose from, including flash objectives and a fun new objective called MouseCapades, which involves causing chaos in Cantinas. Season 5 will run until January 22, 2024, offering a little over three months to complete the track out of the total five. If you're playing regularly and complete your weekly objectives, you can likely finish the track with ease.


Additionally, you can unlock levels using swtor credits or cartel coins. The credit unlock option is available up to rank 95, with the full unlock becoming available around January 27th. The last five levels can't be unlocked with credits and come at a higher cost. Unlocking the entire track with credits would cost 20 billion credits. Using cartel coins is an option and costs 100 cartel coins per level, totaling 10,000 cartel coins to unlock the entire season.



In Season 5 of Galactic Seasons, you have the opportunity to earn a wide range of exciting rewards, including cosmetic items, pets, and reputation. With a mix of objectives, reputation tracks, and limited-time achievements, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, you can work your way through the season to claim these fantastic rewards. May the force be with you on your Galactic Season 5 journey!

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