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Dark and Darker Last Playtest: Untapped Treasures

In a recent data mining effort, we have uncovered some never-before-seen content from the last playtest of the game Dark and Darker. This guide article will provide an overview of the exciting discoveries, including new player races, potential weight system implementation, upcoming weapons, newly unearthed monsters, and hints at future areas and dungeons. Please note that data mining can be potentially dangerous, and we advise against attempting it without proper knowledge and expertise.


Dark and Darker Last Playtest: Untapped Treasures


New Player Races

During the playtest, players were able to experiment with different playable races, including elves and skeletons. However, our findings suggest that more playable races are in the works, with the orc being a likely addition. Similar to the elf race, these new races are expected to offer minimal stat changes and no significant gameplay advantages, providing players with more options for self-expression without causing imbalances.


Weight System

Our data mining efforts have revealed evidence pointing toward the implementation of a weight system. The item's property data contains references to utility effectiveness and weight limit, indicating a possible new stat. This weight limit could be modified through certain gear, enchantments, or specific equipment, such as the survival backpack found in the shared assets folder. The inclusion of the backpack's details in the loading screen art further supports the likelihood of this system being introduced in the near future.



Exciting progress has been made on new weapons discovered in the data. The magic wand, initially represented by just an icon, now has assigned rarity types and a unique gameplay ability named "magic wand used". Although the exact functionality of the magic wand remains unclear, its animation set suggests similarities to other magic weapons, such as casting and channelling abilities.


Another weapon, the kite shield, has also been uncovered. Distinct from the existing heater shield, the kite shield is taller, slightly narrower, and features a rounded top. While it is still in early development and lacks a rarity assignment, its inclusion hints at the potential for a larger class or gameplay expansion in the future.



One of the most fascinating aspects discovered through data mining is the existence of new monsters within the game. Among these findings, familiar names such as clerics' locus swarm, earthquake, explosive bottles, fire, and zombies' poison cloud appear in the data, all categorized under area-of-effect (AOE) abilities. Furthermore, a web shot ability associated with a web spider has been theorized previously and is now supported by the data.

Dark and Darker Monsters

However, the most exciting discovery is the identification of a new boss, the "runes golem", which shares a naming convention with the multiplayer bosses, the lich and the ghost king. Detailed animations suggest that the runes golem may have various basic attacks and swing and slam combos, making it a formidable opponent. It's important to note that while these findings provide a glimpse into potential new content, the data does not guarantee their inclusion in the final game. The naming convention similarity with the existing bosses could be coincidental, and the runes golem might be a high-level mob instead.


Additional information reveals that the demons, previously data mined, are still present files, with some work done on them. One demon, referred to as a "demon berserker", showcases an impressive attack list that promises thrilling encounters.


New Monsters

  • Harpy: Resembling traditional fantasy harpies, the harpy features a human head and torso connected to avian limbs. Its animations suggest a variety of attacks, blocking, and an ability called "death light."
  • Slime: While the model extraction for the slime is incomplete, it appears to possess the ability to jump, catch, pin, and swallow. These mechanics indicate anti-projectile abilities and potential immobilization mechanics.
  • Cockatrice: The cockatrice, a feathered serpent-like creature with a rooster-like head, boasts an expansive animation set with basic attacks, chase attacks, gliding, flying, and roaring. This creature is a mini-boss or a significant encounter.
  • Giant Bugs: Limited data are available for giant bug enemies, including the giant centipede, giant worm, and giant spider. These creatures might play a role in specific areas, such as the goblin caves or potential new dungeons.


Monster Placement

Based on the available information, the runes golem is likely to inhabit a separate area within the runes, while the harpies, cockatrices, and slimes might be found in the slime forest, a new area within the runes. As for the giant bugs, they could be encountered in the goblin caves or potentially in new dungeons, as the game's developers have expressed their intention to add as many dungeons as possible.


Gear and Utility Items

Aside from new monsters, data miners also discovered information about new gear and utility items in Dark and Darker. Notably, the common player animations folder contains files related to new player mechanics. The most intriguing discovery is the presence of a double jump animation, usually found in this data set, which suggests that it may no longer be a skill and instead obtainable through rare boots or a unique armour piece.

Dark and Darker Gear and Utility Items

Other notable findings include a potential "sleeping bag" mechanic, likely a toggle skill for resting and recovering health, and a "wall-crawling" mechanic, possibly associated with ladders's dungeons.


The Warlock and Knowledge

Within the game files, there is evidence of a fifth ring, likely related to the knowledge attribute. Although this ring isn't available just yet, it suggests the possibility of a new class called the Warlock. The Warlock is expected to be a magic-focused class that utilizes spell memory.


Additionally, there are indications of five unique icons for necklaces, hinting at potential variations in their appearance in the future. While these changes may not be the most thrilling, they are worth noting as they contribute to the overall game experience.


Expanding Stash Management

Currently, the only inventory containers are coin purses that can hold up to 50 Dark and Darker gold each. However, the development team is planning to introduce new containers to aid in stash management. Icons for a coin bag and a coin chest have been found in the data files, and interestingly, the coin bag's icon bears a resemblance to the old survival backpack.


This suggests the possibility of crossover functionality between the two items. Although details about these new storage options are limited at this time, the addition of more inventory space is always welcome, especially as our adventures become longer and more prosperous.


Dark and Darker Utility Items and Sleeping Bag


Utility Items and Sleeping Bag

Moving on to utility items, we have discovered the presence of a sleeping bag and an item named "Sharky". The sleeping bag, which was previously mentioned in relation to the backpack, appears as a separate item file. Utility items are equipment that can be freely used in dungeons, with some requiring immediate use while others involve setup or channelling. 


The sleeping bag, judging by its appearance, is likely a setup item. It could have some synergy with the backpack, considering the shared visual elements. Unfortunately, specific details about how these items will function remain elusive, but we will keep a close eye on the development to bring you more information as it becomes available.



Musical Instruments and the Bard Class

In the game code, we have discovered musical instruments categorized separately from weapons. This suggests that they have unique mechanics associated with them. During the last playtest, the newly introduced Bard class had a grey loot musical instrument, referred to as the loot. However, more variants, ranging from uncommon to legendary rarities, are in the works.


Additionally, another instrument, the lyre, has been found in files, although it currently lacks gameplay functionality. The inclusion of the lyre hints at the possibility of additional instruments being added, which may play a role in new songs and abilities. The development of the Bard class and its musical mechanics is an exciting prospect for those interested in a melodic approach to combat.


Warlock Class and Perks

Information regarding the upcoming Warlock class is limited, but we have stumbled upon a collection of perk icons that shed some light on its potential abilities. Two perks, "Malice" and "Survival," stand out among the list. While the exact nature of these perks is yet to be revealed, their names suggest a connection to the Warlock class. Further investigation into the tooltip descriptors reveals that "Malice" increases the player's willpower, while "Survival" enhances the effects of all consumables.


This information leads us to speculate that a new food consumable system is in development. A utility item called "Sharky" supports this hypothesis, as it resembles a basic form of beef jerky. Additionally, the mention of creature harvesting and the presence of functioning animals like chickens and foxes hint at the possibility of a creature harvesting mechanic being introduced in the future.


The Enigmatic Crow

Lastly, we have an intriguing creature that caught our attention: the crow. Currently, we only have a little information about it, as it can fly, glide, and hop like other forest animals. However, what makes it particularly interesting is its file location, as it is found alongside Otto, the only interactive and friendly NPC currently present in Dark and Darker.


This leads us to believe that the crow might have a significant role in unfolding the game's lore. With player quests and the promise of a deeper narrative, we can expect to encounter more of these mysterious crows in the future.


Dark and Darker Map Images


The Vast World

Dark and Darker continues to expand its world with each playtest. The development team has been hard at work, constructing new areas and adding various features to enhance the gameplay experience. Notably, the goblin caves were built between playtests three and four, and the Runesmet was introduced in the latest playtest, along with new monsters, weapon types, and gear. The main menu map even hints at a massive unexplored area that sits between the goblin caves and the rest of the maps.


These constant additions and improvements showcase the dedication and creativity of Iron Mace, the game's developer. It's truly exciting to witness the incredible content being produced for Dark and Darker, and we can only imagine how extraordinary the game will be upon its full release.



Dark and Darker's last playtest revealed a wealth of exciting content through data mining. As we eagerly await the game's full release, let us appreciate the incredible content that has been unveiled so far. Stay tuned for more updates on Dark and Darker as we follow the development closely. 

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