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How to Earn 1000 Gold Per Hour as a Rogue in Dark and Darker

Welcome, fellow rogues, to our guide on how to make a whopping 1000 gold per hour in Dark and Darker. In this guide, we will walk you through an effective method to accumulate wealth as a rogue. This method revolves around mining, strategic perks, and skills to excel in both PvE and PvP combat. We'll also provide some tips and tricks to help you achieve financial success in this dark and dangerous world.



How to Earn 1000 Gold Per Hour as a Rogue in Dark and Darker


Mining for Riches

The cornerstone of this money-making strategy is mining precious resources, specifically Ruby Silver Ore. You can sell each piece for a tidy sum of 20 gold, making it the ideal source of income. To maximize your earnings, head to the following locations:


  • High Roller Variant: This map offers a rich deposit of Ruby Silver Ore, particularly in the area between rooms and the left side. Make sure you loot all the ore for substantial profits.
  • Mixed Map Variant: In the middle area of the mixed map, you'll find two Ruby Silver Ore near a rock. Exercise caution as this area is high-traffic and PvP-prone. Always be on the lookout for other players.
  • Normal Goblin Map: While not as profitable as the High Roller variant, the Normal Goblin Map still provides a good source of Ruby Silver Ore. You can also find Cobalt, although it sells for only 10 gold per piece, so prioritize Ruby Silver.


Rogue's Perks and Skills

Dark and Darker Rogue Perks and Skills


Building Rogue:

The right perks and skills are crucial for your success in Dark and Darker. To excel in both PvP and PvE, consider the following build:


Perk Description
Jokester Boosts your PvP prowess, making it essential for one-on-one combat.
Ambush An excellent choice to take advantage of your invisibility and deal surprise damage.
Shadow Runner Enhances your stealth abilities and complements your Ambush skill.
Poisoned Weapon Adds utility to your kit by poisoning your weapon for added damage over time.


Additional Perks and Skills:

To further improve your rogue's abilities, consider these options:

Skill Description
Weak Points Reduces the target's armor rating, enhancing the effectiveness of your attacks.
Rupture A damaging skill that benefits from the reduced armor rating caused by Weak Points.
Ale Increases your strength by 11, which helps offset your rogue's low starting strength.
Invisibility Potions These items trigger Ambush and Shadow Runner and keep you concealed during fights.


Stat Distribution

An effective rogue should have a balance between strength and agility. Aim for 38 agility as a starting point, as Jokester will bring it up to the soft cap of 40. The rest of your points should be allocated to strength, increasing your weapon damage and overall physical power. Equip gear that boosts your strength and weapon damage for an even stronger character.


Dominating in PvP

PvP Tactics:

To succeed in player versus player combat, follow these strategies:

  • Use Ale: Start each PvP encounter with an Ale to boost your strength.
  • Invisibility Potions: These should be used to trigger Ambush and Shadow Runner. Don't hesitate to use multiple in a fight.
  • Ambush: Get up close to your opponent and utilize Ambush for surprise damage.
  • Rupture: Follow up Ambush with Rupture to deal significant damage over time.


Challenging Matchups:

Beware of challenging matchups like Barbarians and Wizards:

  • Barbarians: When facing Barbarians, utilize your protection potions and Ale. If the Barbarian uses both Rage and War Cry, retreat until their effects wear off, and then strike with Invisibility Potions.
  • Wizards: Wizards can be problematic due to their high magic damage. Keep your distance and prioritize dodging their spells. You'll need to be extremely cautious when engaging them.



By following this guide, you can significantly increase your wealth in Dark and Darker, earning up to 1000 gold per hour. Remember to adapt your perks, skills, and tactics to your playstyle, and always stay alert in the dangerous world of this game. We hope this guide helps you achieve financial success and become a formidable rogue. If you found this guide helpful, please like, subscribe, and leave any suggestions or questions in the comments. Good luck on your rogue journey!

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