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Dark and Darker Wizard Guide: How to fully master different styles of gameplay?

Welcome to our guide on playing as the Wizard in Dark and Darker. In this guide, we will cover various aspects of playing as a Wizard, including builds, solo tips, perks, skills, spells, and gameplay strategies. Wizards have multiple playstyles to explore, including solo, melee, and team play. Let's dive into each of these playstyles to help you master the art of the Wizard.


Dark and Darker Wizard Guide: How to fully master different styles of gameplay?


Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Lots of powerful spells
  • Some buffs for party members
  • Ranged magic & Haste are both very strong
  • Has the ability to meditate to regenerate spells mid-run, unlike the Cleric
  • Deals massive damage at a consistent rate
  • Squishy, low health pool
  • Slow interact and movement speed
  • Can really struggle in solos



Before we delve into the specific perks and skills, it's essential to understand the three main ways to play a wizard in Dark and Darker:

  • Solo Wizard: A lone adventurer who must tackle all challenges on their own. Survival and spell efficiency are critical for this build.
  • Melee Wizard: A more aggressive approach where you wield both spells and melee weapons. Engage in close combat with your enemies and utilize spells for added damage and control.
  • Team Play Wizard: A supportive role within a team where you provide cover fire and assistance to your allies. Crowd control and area damage spells are essential for this build.

The choice of your build will determine your perk selection and playstyle. Let's explore the perks and skills available for wizards.



Wizards have a variety of perks to choose from, and your selection will depend on your preferred playstyle. Here are some key perks and their uses:

  • Arcane Mastery: Reduces the casting time of Arcane spells by one second. This is especially useful for most Wizards as it enhances the casting speed of key spells.
  • Arcane Feedback: This perk is not highly recommended unless you are solely focusing on Arcane spells. It may not be the best choice for most Wizard builds.
  • Fire Mastery: Provides a damage boost to Fireball, making it more effective. It's a solid choice for those who rely on fire spells.
  • Ice Shield: This is a good option for melee Wizard builds. It increases your durability and causes enemies to suffer frostbite when they melee attack you.
  • Mana Surge: Enhances overall damage output. Consider it if you have an extra perk slot and want to increase your damage potential.
  • Melt: While not the most impactful perk, it can be helpful for AOE damage, especially in team play.
  • Quick Chant: A crucial perk for all Wizards. It reduces spell cast times, helping you cast spells more quickly and efficiently.
  • Reactive Shield: Recommended for melee Wizard builds. It allows you to activate a shield for three seconds, absorbing 10 damage. This helps in reducing incoming damage.
  • Sage: May not be necessary anymore due to increased spell memory for Wizards. You can now equip most of the spells you need without this perk.

Your perk selection will depend on your chosen build. For solo wizards, consider a mix of Arcane Mastery, Quick Chant, and Invisibility. Melee wizards should prioritize perks like Ice Shield, Reactive Shield, and Mana Surge. Team play wizards can opt for Quick Chant, Fire Mastery, and AOE damage perks.



Wizards primarily need two essential skills:

  • Spell Memory: A must-have for all wizards. It allows you to equip and manage your spells effectively.
  • Meditation: Perfect for solo wizards, it lets you recover spell casts by meditating for 10 seconds. This skill is invaluable for solo gameplay.
  • Intense Focus: Ideal for a burst damage wizard who focuses on double-casting spells. Useful in team play scenarios.



Wizards have a range of spells at their disposal, each with its unique characteristics. Let's go through some of the key spells and their applications:

  • Zap: This spell is generally considered weak, and its damage output is limited. It's not recommended for most Wizard builds.
  • Light Orb: Light Orb creates temporary torches when cast, but it has limited practical use and is not widely favored.
  • Ignite: Effective for melee Wizards or in team play, Ignite sets the target's weapon on fire, increasing their damage output and dealing additional damage to enemies hit.
  • Slow: Slow is versatile and can be useful in various scenarios. It can slow down enemies, making it easier for your team to eliminate them or providing you with an escape option.
  • Ice Pole: Ice Pole is relatively slow and lacks damage output, making it less popular among Wizards.
  • Magic Missiles: Magic Missiles are a must-have for most Wizard builds. They offer homing projectiles that can deal significant damage, especially when combined with bonus magic damage.
  • Haste: Haste is excellent in team play, allowing your melee allies to catch and defeat opponents. It's also beneficial for melee Wizard builds.
  • Lightning Strike: Lightning Strike is challenging to aim but can deal substantial damage. It's better suited for PvP scenarios and may not be the best choice for all Wizard builds.
  • Invisibility: Invisibility is highly recommended for most Wizard builds. It allows you to escape from dangerous situations or reposition during battles.
  • Fireball: Fireball is a versatile and high-damage spell, capable of dealing both direct damage and splash damage. It's a valuable asset for most Wizards.

Your spell selection should align with your chosen build and playstyle. Magic Missiles and Fireball are essential for most wizards, while other spells can be added based on your preferences.



When it comes to gear, focus on the following attributes:

  • Magic Damage: Prioritize gear with magic damage bonuses to boost your spell effectiveness.
  • Will: Increase your will to deal more damage.
  • Spell Power: Enhance your spell potency.
  • Agility: While not a top priority, some agility can help you move a bit faster.
  • Resourcefulness: Consider adding a few points to help open doors faster.

Keep in mind that your wizard's movement speed is already slow, so be cautious about equipping gear that decreases your speed further.


When selecting gear for your Wizard, prioritize items with bonus magic damage, true magic damage, and spell power. These attributes enhance your damage output and overall effectiveness. Keep an eye on your movement speed, as Wizards are already slow, and losing too much speed can be detrimental.


Gameplay Tips

  • Solo Play: As a solo wizard, your main goal is to safely clear mobs and engage in fights strategically. Use spells like Fireball, Magic Missiles, and Invisibility to keep your distance from enemies. Invisibility is a powerful tool to disengage from unwanted confrontations.
  • Melee Wizard: If you're going for a melee wizard build, consider spells like Slow, Ignite, and Haste to enhance your close combat capabilities. Use melee weapons and spells in combination to deal damage and control the battlefield.
  • Team Play: In a team setting, provide cover fire and support for your allies. Choose spells like Fireball and Magic Missiles to deal damage from a distance. Haste can be invaluable for chasing down enemies or retreating.


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Ultimately, your wizard's playstyle depends on your preferences and mastery of spells. Experiment with different builds, spells, and perks to find the style that suits you best. With the right selection of spells, perks, and skills, along with a keen understanding of your preferred strategy, you can become a formidable Wizard in the game. 

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