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Dark and Darker Barbarian Guide: How to choose the style that suits you best?

Welcome to the ultimate guide for conquering the Barbarian class in Dark and Darker. In this journey through the world of Barbarians, We'll cover Barbarian class perks, skill selection, gameplay strategies for both solo and team play, gear recommendations, and much more. By the end of this guide, you'll have the knowledge and insights to dominate your foes, whether you choose to be a tanky defender or a relentless DPS Barbarian. 



Dark and Darker Barbarian Guide: How to choose the style that suits you best?


 Male or Female

Before we dive into the intricacies of Barbarian gameplay, let's address an interesting aspect. While it may not directly affect your in-game performance, Barbarians can be chosen as either male or female characters. It's worth mentioning that selecting a female Barbarian can add a unique and somewhat unexpected flavor to your gameplay, as it's less common and can be quite entertaining. However, the core of Barbarian gameplay remains consistent regardless of your character's gender.



Barbarians can be versatile in their playstyle, either adopting a tanky role or embracing their inner berserker for high DPS. The choice between these playstyles largely depends on your personal preference and the team composition in team play. Let's break down the key perks and skills to help you make an informed decision.


Strengths & Weaknesses

  • High base health and melee damage.
  • Top-notch magic resistance with the Iron Will perk.
  • Proficient with axes and thrown axes.
  • Can unlock perks for breaking doors and chests.
  • Efficient at room clearing.
  • Equipped with strong buff and debuff skills.
  • Slow interaction, attack, and movement speed.
  • Extremely slow Magical Interaction for portal-opening.
  • Limited healing and ranged capabilities.



  • Axe Specialization: This perk is a solid choice for Barbarians, regardless of your chosen playstyle. Since Barbarians predominantly use axes, the additional damage is invaluable.
  • Berserker: If you're leaning towards a DPS role, Berserker is a must-have. It boosts your physical attack power as your HP decreases, making you deadlier when engaged in combat.
  • Carnage: While Carnage may seem appealing, it doesn't provide a significant damage boost in practice, making it less preferable.
  • Iron Will: As a tanky Barbarian, this perk can be essential. It increases your magic resistance, protecting you from enemy spellcasters.
  • Morale Boost: While it offers healing upon killing a player, this perk is often less effective than other options, as the healing provided is relatively low.
  • Savage: A valuable perk for any Barbarian, as it reduces the physical damage bonuses of your opponents, giving you an edge in melee combat.
  • Smash: This perk allows you to break doors and random treasure chests, a useful utility skill. It also increases the impact power of your attacks, making it easier to break blocks and parries.
  • Toughness: Better suited for tanky Barbarians, Toughness offers additional HP, which can sometimes make the difference in a close fight.
  • Two-Handed Weapons Expert: If you prefer a two-handed weapon, this perk increases your physical attack power, making it an ideal choice for DPS Barbarians.



  • Rage: Ideal for closing the gap with enemies, Rage boosts your strength and movement speed, making it easier to chase down opponents.
  • Reckless Attack: A niche skill that ignores a significant portion of the enemy's defense. It's more suitable for situations where you face heavily armored opponents.
  • Savage Roar: A must-have skill for Barbarians. It reduces enemy physical damage bonuses and is exceptionally useful in both PvE and PvP situations.
  • War Cry: Primarily beneficial in team play, War Cry increases the maximum HP of you and nearby allies for a limited duration.


Weapon Choices

  • Horseman Axe: The Horseman Axe is a top choice, especially with Axe Specialization. It offers excellent damage and is versatile in various situations.
  • Felling Axe: The Felling Axe provides the most DPS but requires getting up close. Missing swings can be punishing, so use it with care.
  • War Maul, Bardiche, Double Axe: These weapons are decent for cleaving through groups of enemies, but they struggle in enclosed spaces and are susceptible to getting blocked.
  • Viking Sword: The Viking Sword has a reasonable movement speed debuff and slightly more range than other weapons. It's a good option when you need to be more mobile.
  • Francisca Axes: These throwing axes can be used to apply Achilles Strike at a distance and initiate battles. They are especially helpful for poking and finishing off weakened enemies.


Items and Consumables

  • Potions: Potions are a must-have for solo play. Purchase potions from The Alchemist when possible. They can greatly increase your survivability.
  • Bandages: Keep bandages on hand for healing between battles. They're crucial when your potions run out.
  • Goblin Caves: Trading heads for healing in Goblin Caves is essential. Even if you're playing well, you'll likely need to heal at some point during PVP confrontations.
  • Surgical Kits: Surgical kits or campfires are excellent for sustaining your health, especially when no other abilities can provide healing.



  • Close-Quarters Combat: Barbarians excel in close-range combat. Always aim to engage your enemies at close range where your advantage lies.
  • Chasing Fast Enemies: When chasing fast enemies like Wizards, keep your weapon away to move faster and close the gap. Use Achilles Strike to slow them down.
  • Fist Fights: Against enemies who have their weapons out the whole time (e.g., Rogues), use your fists to initiate the fight. This can give you an edge in close combat.
  • Ranged Enemies: When facing archers, reposition yourself to get closer before engaging. Strafe, duck, and look down to make it difficult for archers to hit you.
  • Team Play: In team scenarios, remember the fundamentals while waiting for openings. Avoid getting isolated from your team and capitalize on teamwork.
  • Healing Shrines: Learn the positions of healing shrines in solo matches to quickly heal up after confrontations. This can save you resources and time.
  • Spawn Rushing: If you're familiar with PVE enemy spawns, rush from one spawn to another to catch opponents off guard and gain an advantage in the early game.
  • Load up Abilities: Load up Achilles Strike before engaging enemies. If you initiate a battle with the Horseman Axe, time your jump before the first swing to maintain momentum.


Gear and Stats

  • Prioritize strength, agility, move speed, and anything that enhances physical power.
  • Decide between armor and move speed, as heavy armor can hinder your mobility.
  • Consider carrying a faster secondary weapon to combat agile foes, such as rogues.


Barbarian Builds

Tanky Barbarian Builds

  • Perks: Axe Specialization, Iron Will, Toughness, Smash
  • Skills: Savage Roar, War Cry (for team play), Reckless Attack (optional for niche scenarios)

Focus on high resistance, protecting your team's spellcasters and preventing enemy advances.


DPS Barbarian Builds:

  • Perks: Axe Specialization, Berserker, Smash, Two-Handed Weapons Expert (if using a two-handed weapon)
  • Skills: Rage, Savage Roar

Prioritize damage output, swiftly closing the gap with enemies, and reducing their damage bonuses.


Gameplay Strategies

Solo Barbarian:

  • In solo play, favor the DPS build.
  • Learn the game and maps by aggressively engaging enemies until you die.
  • Always be mindful of facing ranged classes in narrow hallways.


Team Play Barbarian:

  • Tanky Barbarians should protect spellcasters and ranged allies.
  • DPS Barbarians need to pick the right moments to engage, using Rage and Savage Roar to close gaps.
  • Be aware of your role within the team and coordinate with your allies effectively.


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Mastering the Barbarian class in Dark and Darker requires a combination of the right perks, skills, gear, and strategic gameplay. Whether you prefer the tanky role to safeguard your team or the DPS role to chase down enemies relentlessly, this guide equips you with the knowledge to excel as a Barbarian. Take your newfound expertise into the game and unleash your inner fury on your foes.

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