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Throne and Liberty Gear Progression: Upgrading Armor, Weapons, and Skills

Welcome to a quick guide on how gear progression works in Throne and Liberty. This game is heavily focused on progression, and understanding how to upgrade your gear and skills is crucial. Although it may seem complex at first, the system is actually quite simple. All gear and skills follow a similar structure, requiring different items for each upgrade.


Throne and Liberty Gear Progression: Upgrading Armor, Weapons, and Skills


Gearing Up

To obtain a blue piece of armour, you have a few options. It can drop as a complete piece from certain locations, or you can acquire the schematic and craft it yourself. Materials for crafting can be obtained through events, quests, gatherings, or by breaking down unwanted armour.


Crafting armour is straightforward once you have the recipe, schematic, and materials. Different armour sets offer varying stats and defence. There are three types of armour: heavy, medium, and light. While there may be minor differences in defence, it's generally advisable to wear heavy armour in the late game.


Gear Upgrades

Once you have obtained your armour, it's time to upgrade it. The upgrade system requires specific materials. For example, you might need quality growth armour stones or costly weapon growth stones. Each level of gear has its own requirements.


When upgrading gear, there is always a chance for improvement, but the amount gained decreases as the level and rarity of the gear increase. Upgrading gear is not a matter of losing progress or breaking it; it's about maximizing the potential gains. The process involves some degree of RNG, but your gear cannot break or degrade.


Weapons follow the same upgrade system as armour, with green, blue, purple, and gold rarities. The process and materials required are similar.


Skills and Skill Points

Skills in Throne and Liberty operate similarly to gear upgrades. You can visit the scroll crafter, who functions as the skill master in the game. Skills require parchments and marines to upgrade. Parchments are obtained through quests and events, while marines are acquired through dynamic events and gathering.


Initially, green growth stones work for all skills. However, as you progress, blue growth stones become necessary for each individual skill. The progression continues with purple and gold rarities, each requiring more resources than the previous level.


Upgrading skills is a significant undertaking, as you need to level up essential skills, passive abilities, and offhand weapons. The process involves turning greens into purples and, eventually, golds. Each upgrade grants additional perks, making a substantial difference in skill effectiveness.


Weapon Mastery and Stats

Weapon mastery is gained by simply equipping a weapon, though the rate of progression may be influenced by the strength of the enemies you face. With weapon mastery, you can unlock various perks and benefits tied to the specific weapon type.


Stats, such as strength, can be improved by investing in stat points. Initially, you receive one point per level, but after reaching 30 stat points, it will cost two points per upgrade. The significance of gear providing additional stats becomes apparent as they contribute to the overall strength of your character.


Cash Shop Concerns

It's important to address concerns regarding the cash shop in Throne and Liberty. Skill points, which are vital for character progression, are currently available for purchase using cash shop currency. This creates a significant bottleneck and an unfair advantage for those who choose to spend money.


Throne and Liberty Community strongly advocates for the removal of skill points from the cash shop. Skill points should be earned through gameplay and should not be available for purchase. Gear, on the other hand, is acceptable in the cash shop, as it still requires effort to upgrade even if obtained directly.


Notes: It is important to note that the current version of the game includes a cash shop that offers advantages such as skill points. Many players have expressed concerns about the impact this has on gameplay balance and progression. It is hoped that the developers will address these concerns and ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.



Gear progression in Throne and Liberty involves upgrading armour, weapons, and skills to improve your character's power. Understanding the upgrade systems and acquiring the necessary materials is crucial for advancement. Skills, in particular, play a significant role in determining your character's effectiveness in combat, and levelling them up is essential for success.

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