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Throne and Liberty Crossbow Dagger PVE Build: Essential Combos and Skill Prioritization

Starting your journey with the Crossbow Dagger class in Throne and Liberty requires more than just brawn. Skill selection and execution are crucial to dominating in PVE scenarios. This guide will cover the basics of leveling, skill priority, and crafting powerful combos.



Early Skill Focus

You won't have access to much at lower levels. Prioritize QuickFire for its ability to kite effectively while dealing serious damage from a distance. Once you've gotten a little further into the game, make sure to upgrade it to Epic for better performance.


Mobility and Passives

Nimble Leap is going to be your main means of mobility early on. It pairs pretty well with Nature's Power – which boosts damage after mobility skill usage. As for Dodge Roll, make sure you upgrade it to Rare for reduced stamina cost so you can use it more often without running out.


Skill Upgrades

Getting key skills like QuickFire, Mortal Mark, and Poison up to Rare within the first day is pretty reasonable if you're playing actively. Each of these upgrades brings significant damage boosts with them, so take advantage of them as soon as possible. Epic tier on critical skills should also be targeted as an active player – especially when you're playing alongside others in a guild.


Offhand Weapon Attacks

Every attack or skill has a chance to trigger an additional hit with the offhand weapon. So having uniques that amplify this ability is crucial for maximizing damage output.


Poison Mechanics

Stacking poison is what makes this class viable; no doubt about it! Upgrading Poison to Rare opens up opportunities for up to 20 stacks being applied onto targets – amplifying overall damage considerably. Combining Knife Throwing (at Epic) with other buffs allows poison stacking potential of maximum stacks instantly – Can't turn that down!


Critical Hits and Damage Scaling

With how this class scales, critical hits are a must-have on any build! Brutal Incision can help increase damage output as it amplifies damage on critical hits – which is especially helpful when targets are below 50% health. I know you're probably tired of me saying this by now, but another thing to prioritize upgrading is Brutal Incision to Epic.


Skill Rotation for Boss Encounter

When it comes to boss encounters, a typical rotation could look like this: Starting off with Knife Throwing for poison stacks, followed by Shadow Strike and Mortal Mark for burst damage. While also using QuickFire whenever it's up due to its cooldown reduction on critical hits.


Mana Management

Cycles are a part of life, even in the world of Throne and Liberty. To make sure you always have mana while fighting though, utilize Ambusher Stance. It provides mana regeneration when dodging fury attacks.


Passive Skill Selection

For general PVE content, Assassin Step offers increased mana regeneration after defeating an enemy – essential for maintaining skill usage. And lastly, ID Dexterity enhances offhand attack potential and crits, further boosting your overall damage output.


Advanced Poison Strategy

Once you've geared up a bit more, you can start focusing on upgrading Inject Venomand Crucial Chance to Epic. This combo will keep Quickfire almost perpetually active by guaranteeing a constant application of poison – essentially reducing its cooldown drastically.


In short, the Crossbow Dagger class in Throne and Liberty thrives on strategic skill upgrades and precise combo execution. Concentrate on developing Quickfire early on alongside your mobility skills and poison mechanics. As progression continues optimize your critical hit potential and offhand attack chances. With these tactics in mind, maximizing lethality with your Crossbow Dagger will be second nature in no time!

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