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Albion Online Europe Server: Ultimate Guide to Silver Riches Start

Ready to dive into Albion Online's Europe server? I've got your guide right here. Don't matter if you're new or a seasoned player, this guide will lead you straight to Albion Online Silver at the end of the tunnel. Let's get started and make those silver dreams come true!



Albion Online Europe Server: Ultimate Guide to Silver Riches Start


Crystal and Gold Founders: Get Ahead

  • Control the Tool Market: You're getting in 5 days early, so use that time to supply gatherers with tools before anyone else. If you're the first one selling higher-tier items, people will pay top dollar for them.
  • Craft Weapons Fast: People need weapons to defeat bosses and enemies in dungeons and zones. Sell 4.2 and 4.3 gear while it's still scarce for a big profit.
  • Farming and Cooking: Snatch up rare ingredients for dishes like pork pies before anyone else, then price them super high. The desperate will pay anything when they're starving!
  • Breeding for Money: Be the first one on the market with T6 or T7 oxen and sell them for millions of silver apiece.
  • Plot Ownership: Plots are expensive, but owning one near a city guarantees traffic from other players looking to craft there. Outbid everyone else as soon as possible.
  • Black Market Crafting: Search the black market often, because sometimes really good deals pop up there! Being one of the first people on the market with a high-tier item can make you filthy rich in seconds.


Silver Founders: Use That Two-Day Lead

  • Refining Resources: When Crystal founders start out with stuff like T8 wood or ore, they'll need lower-tier materials refined by you to create their own gear through crafting stations. Use all your focus points during this time period so each action gives more silver than normal.
  • Crafting for Black Market: Remember how I said Crystal founders would need lower-tier mats? They'll also need gear made from them. Rush ahead and supply these items to the black market before anyone else does.
  • Gathering Galore: Even though you're two days behind Crystal founders, you can still make bank on lower-tier resources. Prices will fall eventually, but while they're high take everything you can carry and sell it all for maximum profit.
  • Cooking and Brewing: So what if there's a bunch of people making food before you? You're not here to be the first one selling it; you're here to make the most money. Price your goods accordingly and watch people still flock to your stall.


Bronze Founders: Prepare for the Player Surge

  • Pre-Free-to-Play Gathering: New players are coming soon, which means higher demand on more valuable maps. Level up your gathering skills now so you can get in before others do and enjoy high margins for a limited time.
  • Crafting Meta Sets: Being the first person on the market with low-tier sets newbies will use is just as important as being first with high tiers. Do this right and overprice all of them to maximize profits.
  • Economic Basics: Keep investments small and focus on single transactions that bring in a good amount of silver each time. When free-to-play day hits, expect silver influx from masses of noobs who don't know better than to overpay for things they need.


Free-to-Play Players: Play the Long Game

  • Contested Area Gathering: Everyone at this point is scrambling for mats, so stick to tier 4 black zones where fewer people go because they're too scared. It's dangerous out there, but nobody ever got rich playing it safe!
  • Specialize Early On: Pick a class or two now and start leveling up their gathering skills as much as possible through fame credits. This long-term strategy will benefit you when you become more efficient with resource consumption later on.


Ready for Riches?

There you have it! All the strategies you could ever need to get rich in Albion. Whether you're a founder or free-to-play, there's silver to make and glory to win. See you on the battlefield!

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