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Is Myth of Empires the best survival game of 2024?

Welcome Survivors and curious others. Today we are going on an immense safari in Myth of Empires virtual wilderness to see if this game is about to take survival crown from ARK Survival evolved in 2024. Buckle up; it's going to be a bumpy ride!



Is Myth of Empires the best survival game of 2024?


Character Customisation

Character customization is one thing that is noticeable when you start playing myth of empire. It's like a smorgasbord of options where you can craft your own unique personality just like your real-life fingerprints. The possibilities are endless from normal human choices to the truly weird ones. It's an improvement from Ark's simpler system.


Guild Systems

The guild system featured in Myth of Empires isn't just another feature; it changes everything. Inviting new members is effortless and emblem customization makes your group feel personal rather than a part of other survivors consisting strangers only with no relationships whatsoever. The range of leadership and rank settings provided is impressive ensuring that there are safeguards against betrayal within the game world.



Taking MoE crafting for instance, Myth Of Empires presents a recipe tree which would make even the most experienced survivalist nod approvingly. Resource gathering mechanics have been taken beyond basic hit tree, receive wood formulae by this game. Branches, bark, rubble – anything whatever could be harvested! And thanks to boosted server rates applied during our early access peek we got a glimpse at what it has potential for.



When it comes down to combat, one might initially think it was lame. Have some patience! As soon as you get the hang of targeting and weapon wielding, you realize that it's all about a fine balance between skill and tactics. Be you a lone wolf or part of a pack, fighting in Myth Of Empires will be nothing short of immersive experience.



The building process in Myth Of Empires is like silk. Forget misplaced snap points – here structures come together easily. Additionally, health timer on freshly placed items gives base defense and siege warfare an extra layer of strategic depth.


Early Access Experiences

During our ten hour deep dive into early access we got to explore, fight and build like never before. The server was PvE but even as PvP enthusiasts we remained addicted because there were no lags and the AI opponents provided good challenges implying that myth of empire is going somewhere.


Potential Pitfalls

No game comes out perfect from its launch pad. We ran into a bug that trapped us within terrain – irritating though fixable. And while they're not genius level graphics, they hold their own against Valheim or Conan Exiles competitors.


Community Interaction and Communication

Interactions with developers have been great so far. They are responsive and genuinely care for feedbacks. It is heartwarming to find such determination towards cheating prevention and maintaining links with players.



Therefore, does Myth of Empires eclipse Ark in 2024? Nevertheless, it is too early to give the game a conclusive judgment though its potential cannot be disputed. The game has a lot to offer through its robust guild system that allows players to customize their characters and fight enemies in different ways with a responsive development team. It can be seen that, based on these features alone, Myth of Empires has all it takes to challenge established survival games.


Keep an eye out for Myth of Empires if you are tired of conventional MMORPGs and want something fresh and challenging. Perhaps it can become your new online dwelling place or even video home away from home.

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