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Top 5 Essential Tips for New Players in Myth of Empires

Hello future rulers and warlords! If you're just starting your journey in the world of Myth of Empires and you want a little head start (because who doesn't?), then stick around for a moment. By now we've spent countless hours playing this game and have gathered some pretty nifty tips that not only save you time but also make your life easier. So here we go:


Top 5 Essential Tips for New Players in Myth of Empires


Tip 1. Tame Horses

Myth of Empires Horses

  • Why: The simple answer is speed. No one likes walking around like a snail carrying all that weight.
  • How: Once you unlock reins recipe, find yourself a horse. You don't need bait or anything like that; just approach it with confidence and get ready to build your first animal pen (just kidding). Stand nearby while facing it and watch as the anger meter goes down until it hits 50%, then left click on it to mount up and win obedience through mini-game.


Tip 2. Crocodiles

Myth of Empires Crocodiles

  • Why: They'll kill both you and your mount very fast if they catch up to you.
  • How: Avoid swamps at all cost when traveling long distances or building near them since their range is HUGE. If they attack you simply climb something or run away on your new horse (if already tamed). Also remember not to lead them towards a rival clan's base or something funny like that — unless you feel suicidal.


Tip 3. Tame NPCs

Myth of Empires Tame NPCs

  • Why: They offer skills for tasks and combat which makes things way easier sometimes.
  • How: To put it simple; they can be found at small campfires scattered across the map with blueish light around them. Go up to them and fulfill their requests to gain loyalty or capture them by using ropes and dragging them back to your base. They can also be purchased from slave traders in the cities for MoE Copper coins, but we wouldn't do this if you're new. Equip your NPCs with gear, train their combat skills at training dummies, and command them during battles.


Tip 4. Boundary Markers

Myth of Empires Boundary Markers

  • Why: This is how you protect your structures from decaying and raiders.
  • How: It's a lot quicker to join someone else's clan at first since you won't have resources for one yourself yet (but that’s another story). Once you’ve hit the big "Create Clan" button in the clan tab under ESC, find yourself a nice open area  and craft one of these. The bigger it is the more protected area it will give you; just keep in mind that they cost a lot of materials so start small if resources are scarce. Then set timers on it when people should not be able to attack anything inside its range (works only while you're online), otherwise gather coins by selling stuff on market or buying blessings from shrines in cities.


Tip 5. PvP Servers

Myth of Empires PvP Servers

  • Why: This game has been advertised as strategic warfare since day one — don't disappoint me now.
  • How: If you like getting free stuff every 24 hours just for being logged into game then go ahead with PvE servers where nobody can kill anyone because there are no damage numbers enabled (sarcasm). For everyone else who wants faster progression speed buff and adrenaline rush feeling of getting raided — welcome! You'll enjoy this mode much more than others once you bring all your friends here too. Alliances, diplomacy, territory growing can only be experienced on these servers so even if you get bored with farming trees sometimes just remember that we'll kill each other later again anyway because we don't like how the other person looked at us.


These five tips will help make your adventures in MYTH OF EMPIRES a bit easier. Remember, tame that horse, don't tango with crocodiles, choose your teammates wisely, claim land for yourself, and finally give peace a break by hopping into PvP servers.

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