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Myth of Empires Gameplay: A New Era in MMO Sandbox Survival Games

Welcome to the amazing universe of Myth of Empires, a recently released MMO sandbox survival game that has lately made a splash on Steam. If you are fond of constructing bases, taking part in player vs environment (PvE), player vs player (PvP) challenges as well as character customization options which are unlimited this is certainly for you. Let's embark on an adventure to explore what Myth of Empires has in store for you.


Myth of Empires Gameplay: A New Era in MMO Sandbox Survival Games


Character Customization

Right out of the gate, Myth of Empires impresses with its character customization. Here are your options:

  • Skin Color: A range to color your virtual self.
  • Body Size: Molding your avatar from thin to stocky.
  • Facial Features: Many faces are great for designing your own looks.
  • Hair Style & Color: Play around with various hairstyles or colors – grey hair is trendy now!

Myth of Empires Character Customization

Pro Tip: Randomize until seeing something interesting then make adjustments as necessary.


Game Modes

There are two options available:

  • MoE Mode (Recommended): Fits perfectly for starters via natural controls.
  • Classic Mode: For veterans who like traditional playstyle.

Myth of Empires Game MoE Mode and Classic Mode

Choose wisely; your adventure's flavor depends on it.


First Steps in a Vast World

Myth of Empires throws players directly into the deep end amidst a world where surviving is all that matters. With servers limited to 100 slots, it strikes an impressive balance between intimacy and grandness. The progression system is more similar to an MMORPG feel while still maintaining elements that make each player's journey unique in the sandbox.


Skill Selection and Progression

While gathering resources like grass and wood, you will be choosing skills and talents:

  • Crafting Tables
  • Guild Acceptance
  • Horseback Riding
  • Territory Control

Myth of Empires Talent and Skill

You can always visit the shop for more cosmetics to customize your character further.


Base Building

In terms of creating structures, Myth of Empires excels. Do you want to build a grand fortress or maybe a cozy hideout?


Combat and Survival

Make weapons as well as tools readying yourself for the wilderness. Fight against wild animals or other players. The combat system is quite sophisticated; it encompasses blocking, attacking, and comboed attacks. However, beware – mastering combat requires practice.


Guilds and Community

By forming or joining guilds, you can collaborate with other players. Take part in epic wars or cooperative missions that relate to politics of Myth of Empires.


Exploration and Discovery

The scale of the map is impressive offering numerous lands to explore and conquer. Each biome from barren deserts to dense forests has its own set of encounters.


Costumes and Aesthetics

Fashion on the battlefield? Certainly. Myth of Empires gives a range of skins and costumes which not only make your character look better but also display your achievements. Some choices include polearms, one-handed axes, plain horse mounts, and legendary base attire.

Myth of Empires Costumes and Aesthetics


What's New in This Version?

From when it was first announced years ago, Myth of Empires has encountered legal problems but this time around it gives us an experience that is beyond our expectations:

  • Bigger Maps than Before
  • Solo & Hosted Mode Options Available
  • Additional Skills & Bosses Added Into The Game
  • More PvE And PvP Content Than Before 


Final Verdict: Is Myth of Empires Worth Your Time?

The Myth of Empires is a fine entry into the survival genre. It has an in-depth base building and progression system that enables players to live in the games they are playing.


Are you into survival games? If so, consider giving a shot to Myth of Empires with its blend of MMO features like guilds, boss fights, etc. Now available on Steam and soon releasing for Play Station and Xbox, it's one of those games that won't be out of place among fans.



Myth of Empires is testament to the changing world of MMO sandbox survival games. A game calling upon the brave and rewarding resourcefulness. Will this challenge be surmountable? We hope our Myth of Empires guide has shed some light on what's ahead. 

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