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OSRS 99 Crafting Guides: Making gold wth Craft Emerald Gem

On the journey to 99 Crafting in Old School Runescape, one discovers a method that is not only efficient but also profitable. This guide unveils the hidden gem strategy that combines the advancement of your crafting skill with the potential for significant OSRS Gold earning.


The Foundation: Berserkers or Skilling Synergy

It starts with choosing berserker. The choice amplifies damages based on health, which has a huge effect on both PvM and Skilling efficiency. With a high League XP multiplier (16x) and mini-games (8x), this tier unlocks full potentiality of skill advancement.


Efficient Crafting: A Journey to 99

At its maximum XP multiplier, the path to 99 Crafting becomes feasible, quick. It can produce about 10 million xp per hour via crafting thus making it rather fast to get from level 1 - towards 99. Start with some reasonable cash stack which will grow as you go further.


The Hidden Gem : Emerald Crafting Profit

As you engage in the crafting grind, there comes a hidden gem – literally. Cutting emeralds gathered from consistent skilling changes into a Gold-making activity. Although this process is simple enough, it adds greatly to your cash stack. These emeralds sell at 350 GP each and should be sold one at a time to maximize profit by converting crafting into a profit-oriented skill.


Achieving Milestones: Task Completion and Skill Enhancement

Having reached level 99 Crafting, you don't just accomplished yet another milestone but unlock new possibilities too. This achievement creates openings for higher-level tasks as well as other improvements to skills. For instance, your newly attained craftsmanship would permit you to burn magic logs or catch sharks during these advanced activities.


Utilizing the Crafting Cape: Endless Teleports

Also, do not forget the utility of the Crafting Cape. An essential item such as this provides unlimited teleports to the Crafting Guild, which allows you to perform various tasks and travel around Gielinor much more efficiently.


Preparing for Advanced Challenges

Before diving into advanced PvM or combat, consider crafting essential items like Slaughter and Expeditious bracelets. These are then made infinite charges by the bloodthirsty relic thereby setting them up for success in future endeavors.


In Conclusion

Achieving 99 Crafting in Old School Runescape is far beyond a mere skill milestone; it’s actually a journey that combines efficiency, profit, and strategic skill development. You are well placed to start this journey with the help of this article and turn what seems as a boring task of crafting into a rewarding and profitable venture. We should always remember that every mastered skill opens up new horizons and opportunities in Runescape world.

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