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Top 3 RuneScape 3 Gold Making Beginner-friendly Effective Methods on 2024

If you're just starting out on RuneScape 3 or hoping to build your wealth with a few requirements, you're at the right place. We will look at three effective ways of making gold for beginners that can be learned within minutes and mastered after about ten hours of gameplay.


Sacred Oil: A Time-Tested Gold Maker

  • Requirements: Completion of Shades of Morton quest and such others as Priest in Peril and Nature Spirit. It is accessible because it has low skill requirements for new players.
  • Getting Started: Go to Barrows teleport preferably on World 88. Buy a Flamtaer hammer and obtain some swamp paste, timber beams, as well as limestone bricks.
  • Process: You get sanctity by repairing the temple or defeating shades which involves contribution to the temple or participating in mini-games.
  • Earnings: Depending on how one sells it (instant sale vs slow sale), they should expect around 8-12 million Runescape 3 GP per hour from selling sacred oil.



Defeating Arc Glaur: An AFK Method

  • Requirements: Recommended level 70 combat. Any beginner can start this without any high-level gear required for this method.
  • Strategy: Use necromancy with the Death Dealer gear for efficient kills. Vampirism aura is useful for sustainability.
  • Execution: Killing glaur front on normal mode with all mechanics off. Focus is on passive healing and maintaining consistent kills throughout.
  • Earnings: Kill speeds will always vary so approximately expect between 4-5 million GP per hour from this method alone.



Battling the Giant Mimic: Beginner Mode

  • Requirements: Minimum level 40 combat is recommended.
  • Approach: Purchase giant mimic tokens from the grand exchange. Necromancy is highly suggested for your best gear.
  • Tactics: Watch out for its lunges and coin attacks and move accordingly. The fight demands attention but is well within the reach of newbies.
  • Profit: Depending on how effective you are in fighting, earn between 4-6 million GP per hour.




Every method presents a distinct way to get gold in RuneScape 3. Whether you're into Arc Glaur AFK style, Giant Mimic with combat involved or making Sacred Oil, this guide has something for all novices. Remember, success in RuneScape's economy comes by being patient and adapting strategies to its changes. Good luck and happy money farming!

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