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Strategies of Making Runescape 3 Gold with High-Tier Bone in Grand Exchange

In this guide, I'm going to dive into how Runescape 3's economy works and then focus on high-tier bone prices. As a player in the game it's important to understand why these items are going up in price and how to prepare yourself.



The Market Updates

There have been some major changes in the Grand Exchange market as of late. One of those being the release of the new Aurora scarf. This is one of the most expensive items ever released by Jagex and it crashed many holiday rares in the process. However, there are still some things that are going up such as black party hat which is still at an all time high.



Finding Investment Opportunities

With a constantly changing market, you've always got to be on your toes for when you can snag something for cheap and sell it for a lot later down the line. Recently we've seen springs go from 100 gp each to now over 1k each. If you're not sure what this means, during Double XP weekends, high level players spend all their Runescape GP just to buy springs so they can start training asap.


Another thing that shot through the roof is ancient scales and Dragon King bones. They both went up about 40% recently so keep an eye out if you can get them early before they skyrocket!


High-Tier Bones

A trend that has been happening lately is prices rising heavily on high-tier bones such as Dragon King bones, Hardened dragon bones, and Dinosaur bones. The reasoning behind this isn't quite known yet but everyone knows its an investment worth getting into.





Methods That Make Gold

Now I know once you hit max level Gold isn't really a big deal anymore but we're still going to give you some ways to make Gold with said bones:

  • Adamant dragons: About 10m GP per hour at current prices.
  • Dino bones: With the recent spike in value of dino bones it is currently worth getting some as a Gold making method.


Market Trends

While this guide mainly focus on high-tier bones, ecto and cactuses are also going up. Ectoplasm is almost 4k each now and could make rituals more profitable in the future! Just always keep an eye out for something that can make you some good profit.


In conclusion, with high-tier bones being a top investment while still being able to do so many other things. You should be well on your way to making some big gold numbers.

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