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RuneScape 3 Farming Gold with Herblore ALT Account

Welcome back to our sixth article in the series of building an ultimate alt account in RuneScape 3! We recently hit Level 90 Construction, and now it's time to switch over to Herblore. This guide will be a lot shorter than the previous ones as we change skill sets, but we'll make up for it by teaching you how to make Herblore your best Runescape 3 gold maker.


Construction Milestones and Moving to Herblore

If you've been following along with this guide, then you'd know that Construction is one of the most profitable skills in the game. With us just reaching Level 90, this is a big milestone. It costs a lot less than the beginning levels of construction, but it's still going to be slow. We're thinking about upgrading our frames for one final push so that we can get to Level 99 as fast as we can. But if the profit gains aren't big enough, then we won't bother.


Herblore: The New Gold-Making Champion

We've said this countless times before - having an alt account is only useful if you have youthfulness on your main account. Our plan is to engage in margin checking on herbs so that we can find what's most profitable to craft at any given time. But like always - gold making isn't our only focus. We're trying to build an all-around good account so it does seem like we're dancing around different skills. But this way of training has proven itself efficient as everything synergizes together by giving us more money and more experience per hour.


Daily Routines and Efficient Skill Training

This section will be very small because there are no herb patches or anything special about Herblore when it comes down to training or daily routines. We'll continue doing Divine locations and challenges every day while occasionally taking quick stops at the Grand Exchange to price check potions. Of course, we'll do the daily and weekly Skilling challenges as well.


Investing in Profitable Ventures

Here's a quick one for you - Super defense potions are 3-4k profit per potion right now. We plan on doing 10,000 of them (at least) which will bring us 30-40m GP profit. We're also looking into extreme defense potions but the market seems small at the moment. We're not sure if they'll be profitable when we look back later this week so we'll put that idea on ice until then.


Hunter Skill and Farming Enhancements

We hit Level 50 Hunter and are slowly getting our Farming level up through taking care of our beehive. I think it's safe to say that we need to get every skill to Level 70 before we call ourselves all-around good accounts. So while working on our Herblore levels, we want to unlock more profitable herb runs and an extra herb yield from patches.


The Grand Exchange: Selling and Buying Strategy

The process at the Grand Exchange changes as we progress our skills once again. Selling all frames and buying materials for Herblore is on the plan. We only know that we can get white berries since they are valuable now. For the rest, let's wait and see which ingredients will go up or down in price.


Looking Ahead: Future Plans and Goals

With new content being released every week, making money in RuneScape is difficult while trying to keep up. At least, we can try! In other words, henceforth, our progress as well as how one can make money through each skill will be posted here.


If you made it this far then thank you! It means a lot knowing that there are people out there reading and enjoying my content. I might have somehow enlightened your path towards achieving an all-round good account in RuneScape 3. 

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