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RuneScape 3 AFK Gold Making with Dragonstone Jewelry Crafting in 2024

Welcome to the world of RuneScape 3, where crafting can be a lucrative business. In this guide, we'll show you an easy AFK Gold-making strategy that's simple and possible for both paying subscribers and free-to-play players (with a few adjustments). The focus is going into dragonstone jewelry - an item in high demand because of its teleportation effects and combat bonuses.



RuneScape 3 AFK Gold Making with Dragonstone Jewelry Crafting in 2024


Understanding Dragonstone Jewelry Crafting

The reason why everyone wants dragonstone jewelry is simple: it's useful. Players know that by enchanting the dragonstone ring they can get the Ring of Wealth - a Tier 2 luck enhancer; putting a dragonstone necklace with porters allows them to create porters (which are always in demand); and dragonsone bracelets give combat stats just like Amulet of Glorys.


You'll start off being able to make dragonstone rings at level 55 crafting, but I would try to hold off until level 72 when you unlock the ability to make necklaces - even though they cost more than the rings, the necklaces have stable prices and don't fluctuate like other pieces do. Some people will tell you that unstrung amulets are profitable too, but keep in mind that there's more steps involved which might not be worth your time.



Optimizing Your Crafting Strategy

To maximize profit while minimizing effort, we recommend making necklaces because their market value barely ever changes and people always need them. Bracelets work too since they have higher values on High Alchemy (High Alch), but they take longer to sell so it could end up being counterproductive if you're looking for quick money.

For free-to-play users that don't have access to these gems yet, making emerald or ruby jewelry can also turn out good because although it has lower profits due to worse teleports and increased travel time - it still sells well enough for players' needs.


Recommended Preparations

Before you start crafting, we recommend doing these tasks:

1. Complete the Family Crest quest to unlock a perk that lets you store gold bars in the furnace. This effectively doubles your crafting speed and makes it easier to AFK.

2. Complete the New Foundations quest. By doing this, you'll get access to Fort Forinthry (Fort F3) furnaces which are closer to bank chests and grant passive XP gain.

3. Wear the Artisan's outfit which can increase your crafting XP by 6% when worn as a full set.


Setting Up for Success

To make the most out of your time, deposit all of your gold bars into the ore bank near a furnace (this is only possible if you've completed Family Crest). The next step involves creating a bank preset with all slots filled up with cut dragonstones - this will make it so you can load fast while minimizing downtime.


Executing the Method

With everything ready and loaded, head over to any furnace and start making jewelry. I highly recommend using dragonstone necklaces as they are cheap and people always buy them for porter creation - on top of having higher High Alch values than other pieces.

While waiting for stuff to craft, try preparing your next inventory so that there's no wasted time between each interaction.


Profit Analysis

By making about 1,200 dragonstone necklaces per hour, players can expect a profit of roughly 3,578 coins per piece - summing up to approximately 4.3 million Runescape 3 coins in an hour. Additionally, users should receive around 120k crafting XP within that same timeframe.



Crafting dragonstone jewelry is an effective way of making AFK Gold and leveling up your skills in RuneScape 3 without much effort attached - it doesn't matter if you're paying or on free-to-play mode since there's always someone buying these items. If you have spare time and want to make things easier for yourself, doing both of the aforementioned quests definitely helps speed up the process and gives you more opportunities to multitask around.

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