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How to Earn Old School RuneScape Gold in the Trailblazer League?

This guide explores effective strategies for leveraging league-specific mechanics to amass wealth in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Trailblazer League. Increase your RS Gold by boosting in Chambers of Xeric.



Leveraging League Multipliers

  • Strategy: Utilize the 15x points multiplier in the league for Chambers of Xeric (CoX) boosting.
  • Implementation: Accumulate points on a raiding account and convert them with the multiplier for chances at multiple valuable drops (purples).
  • Profit Potential: Significant, depending on the rarity and value of the obtained drops.


Chambers of Xeric Boosting

  • Method: Offer boosting services in CoX. With each successful raid, there's a chance to obtain valuable items, which can then be sold.
  • Rates: Example rates include 100 million GP for a set number of raids.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Ensure you deliver on promised drops to maintain credibility and attract more clients.


Efficient Raiding

  • Focus: Prioritize raids with high potential for valuable drops. Utilize efficient strategies and gear to maximize the chances of success.
  • Notable Drops: Aim for items like Dragon Claws, Arcane Prayer Scrolls, or Dexterous Prayer Scrolls, which have high market value.


Capitalizing on Unique Drops

  • Strategy: During raids, focus on obtaining unique items like Ancestral Robes or Twisted Bows.
  • Customer Allocation: If you get more than one valuable drop, allocate the extra to your boosting client.


Skill Mastery

  • Approach: Complete skill-related tasks within the league for points. These points can significantly boost your ability to obtain valuable drops.
  • Key Skills: Focus on Slayer, Cooking, and Construction for quick points gains.


Elite Dungeon Grinding

  • Method: Grind dungeons like Leviathan for rare drops and league points.
  • Profit: Sell any valuable drops obtained during these grinds.


Customer Confidentiality

Practice: Respect customer privacy, especially those who prefer anonymity. This builds trust and could lead to repeat business.


Maximizing Efficiency

  • Goal: Aim to complete tasks and boost clients in a time-efficient manner. This increases your earnings per hour.
  • Balance: Juggle between boosting clients and completing personal league tasks.


Closing Thoughts

You can earn substantial gold earnings in the OSRS Trailblazer League by focusing on profitable activities and employing smart strategies. Whether you are boosting in Chambers of Xeric or mastering skills for league points, efficiency and reliability are essential. Good reputation is just as valuable as gold. Happy hunting, and best wishes for your success!

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